I have lost and gained enough weight in my life to comprise three whole people and now find it impossible to lose and keep weight off due to spinal injuries and chronic pain. I exercise in a pool every day. Should I see an endocrinologist?

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  1. Danielle Kramer wrote on :

    I would start with seeing your primary care physician (PCP) and have a devoted session to discuss your diet and nutrition. From basic lab and clinical evaluation your PCP can refer you if needed to an endocrinologist, nutritionist or even bariatric surgeon for evaluation of options.

    Do not give up on your exercise plans, there is a heart protective benefit to regular cardiovascular exercise. The thyroid gland does regulate many of these functions. However muscle mass and overall physical condition also plays a role.

    Injury can make some exercise difficult, however non-weight bearing exercise like swimming and elliptical and yoga/Pilates are excellent alternatives. Keep up the good work.
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