Treu or False can you ever stop taking medicine for low thyroid ?

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  1. Susan Olson wrote on :

    I take thyroid and found I had terrible side effects from the medication. I was changed to a natural thyroid and had the same effects but they didn’t last as long. I noticed a difference if I miss taking my medication but my mother was on thyroid years ago when she switched doctors the new one said she didn’t need it. she said she never felt the same. Always tired and miserable. But they never did put her back on it. My doctor says I need it. I don’t really notice a difference on it but I still take it. I heard that taking more iodine can help. I also think it depends on the doctor and your thyroid. Every case will be different.

  2. shellie robin wrote on :

    I have been taking medication for my thyroid since 1990. One of my doctors tried to take me off of it during the first 10 years. My thyroid shut down, so have been on medication all this time. I get my TSH blood levels checked every year and have a fabulous doctor that I have been seeing throughout the past 20 years.

    • test123 wrote on :

      was just wondering because i heard someone say that they had to take medication but after awhile said they didnt have to take it anymore. i also have a good doctor that checks my levels evey year. am doing good thanks for the info.

  3. Monique Ovide wrote on :


  4. Danielle Kramer wrote on :

    If you have been diagnosed with low thyroid in the past and your physician is following up on your TSH levels to adjust the dose and evaluating your symptoms, then only he or she can make a decision that the medication is required or not required.

    You should never stop medication on your own. Consult your physician for adjustments with your treatment plan.
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