I eat just because it looks good or I get a craving…not because I am hungry. How to I battle this?

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  1. rosie battista wrote on :

    You can reduce and eliminate your cravings by eating a more balanced diet with lots of dark leafy greens and vegetables. The more you do this the less you will crave. Check out http://www.cookingnakedafter40.com for some interesting ways to prepare your veggies.

  2. Ann Rosenstein wrote on :

    First of all, congratulations on recognizing what the problem is. The next time you have a craving or want to reach for a cookie that looks good (and what cookie doesn’t look good), reach for a pad of paper and a pen and write down what you are thinking and feeling. Do this for a while and look to see if you have a recognizable pattern of behavior. You then may need the help of a professional to help you break through the reason why you have these desires. Another thing to do is simply have a glass of water when you have cravings. This question and many more like it are answered in my book “Diet Myths Busted, Food Facts Not Nutrition Fiction.” I know you will enjoy reading it and it will clear up a lot of your confusion about what to eat and why. You can find my book at my website http://www.dietfitnessdiva.com my publisher’s site at http://www.idyllarbor.com , http://www.amazon.com, http://www.barnesandnoble.com, and many other websites.

  3. Kathleen Silloway wrote on :

    This is a challenge–believe me, I know. One thing that can help is substituting some other activity for eating. For awhile, when I would get a craving to raid the refrigerator, I would sit down and play the piano, which served two purposes: (1) it engaged my mind (and fingers) and (2) distracted me from thoughts of food. When I was done playing, the urge had often passed. Another technique is to give yourself a “time out”–tell yourself, I’m going to wait 10 (or 30 or whatever) minutes and in the meantime do something I like or need to do (phone a friend, fold the laundry). At the end of the time, see if you can extend the time again–etc. A basic technique, also, is not to have things around that look good or satisfy cravings!

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