I gained weight after menopause. Would you recommend I take estrogen pills?

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  1. Danielle Kramer wrote on :

    After menopause our basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn at rest) really tends to slow down. It is very important to watch our diet, avoid eating late at night and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Estrogen therapy is not indicated for weight loss alone, although women on hormone therapy tend to be leaner. This may be due to improved energy levels and a better quality of life when troublesome menopausal symptoms are alleviated. Consult with your physician, if hormone therapy would be beneficial for you. Try to change your exercise regimen to include more strength training and interval training or try a new exercise. It may be beneficial to meet with a nutrition therapist, to review your current dietary habits, portion size and the time of day you are eating. You can find more detailed health information on the Speaking of Women’s Health website at http://speakingofwomenshealth.com/health_library/listing/category/health_information/ I encourage you to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter where I share up to date health information, recipes and more http://www.fathompbm.com/SpeakingofWomensHealth/SWH-FOF.html

  2. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    According to The North American Menopause Society, “… research is mixed regarding whether menopause causes weight gain, but HT is definitely off the hook. For instance, some studies have shown no significant differences in weight gain between hormone users and nonusers after 15 years of testing. Others even suggest that hormone therapy has a positive impact on the distribution of body fat by preventing the development of android (around the waist) body fat. In a recent study, three months of estrogen therapy has shown a decrease in waist-hip ratio. No studies support the notion that weight gain is caused by HT.”

    We are all different! Most of us gain weight during the menopause years due to aging, lack of activity and lots of stress.

    Body fat continues to accumulate during perimenopause and beyond, adding to the ongoing fat storage that happens naturally throughout adult life. Activity and metabolic rate tend to decrease with time. At menopause, estrogen production goes low and stays low. Weight gain can sneak up on you. Do the math; 15 extra calories per day (that would be less than half of most cookies) is 2 pounds a year. So, 2 pounds a year for 5 years is 10 pounds.

    We need to decrease calorie intake. I found eating lean proteins and low to medium glycemic carbs helped me reach my ideal weight combined with exercise most days of the week.

    Make ME TIME every day! Stress can pack on those pounds.

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    Once we hit the menopause years it takes healthy eating, exercising, managing stress and menopause symptoms to not only FEEL good, but to manage a healthy weight.

    Hope this helps.

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