Why is it so difficult to maintain good eating habits once weight loss has been accomplished?

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  1. rosie battista wrote on :

    I like to help my clients stay off a diet and change their lifestyle. If you do this, you love what you are eating and you do not want to go back to the old ways. I talk about this a lot on my blog at http://www.sleepingnakedafter40.com. If you fall in love with your new way of eating and feeling, it’s easier to stay there.

  2. Shirley Farley wrote on :

    Hi Elysek, Because we’re human and because our tastes are imprinted in childhood when we didn’t necessarily eat all the right things. If you have strong food cravings suspect one of two things–either you have a nutritional deficiency or you have a food allergy (or intolerance). Find a good multivitamin and if that doesn’t do it checking for allergies is simple. Test one food at a time (suspect the foods you crave). Take your pulse at rest. Write down your pulse rate. Eat the suspect food. Twenty minutes later check your pulse rate again. If it is ten or more points higher than the first reading there is a strong possibility you are sensitive to that food item. Avoid it for at least four weeks and try again. Good luck.

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