I have always been tall and slim and suddenly, I have no waistline and a “muffin top”. I eat very healthy and consume very few sweets. Will a treadmill take care of this extra weight?

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  1. teresa tapp wrote on :

    Sounds like you are in the midst of a metabolic breakpoint (http://ttapp.com/articles/healthandfitnessmag3/default_files/health_feature_Oct03.htm). Walking is one of the best exercises but mindful movement will make the most difference. Check out my YouTube video on proper body alignment to increase metabolic rate and fat burning while just walking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycG7tTX9JV0. YES YOU CAN with T-Tapp!

  2. Linda Middlesworth wrote on :

    Treadmill is good but key here is your food! Eat a plant based diet and you can lose weight.. Eat Whole foods…go to Dr. John McDougall and read everything…get recipes there too. My clients lose whatever extra body fat they need to do by eating whole foods. Remove all animal products from your diet and eat no processed foods…like oils: olive or any veggie oil..all are 100% fat. Use dates in place of sugars to sweeten. Use whole foods. Exercise helps a little to make you slimmer but the foods you eat are key! Plant foods have a thermal burn as they have fiber. Animal foods have zero fiber and have lots of saturated fat, thus creating greater risk for obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues..

  3. shay mckelvey wrote on :

    This is one of the most common complaints I hear from my new personal training clients. Not only does a muffin top “ruin your image” (of the 20 something girl you still are) but it’s sooo unhealthy! My first recommendation is always to look at your diet. If you’re already eating lots of fruits and veggies and avoiding processed foods, you’ve got the biggest issue handled.
    But, as we age, we lose muscle mass every year…unless we do something about it. And muscles are what fuel our metabolism. I recommend that all women over 35 weight train for their bones and for weight management. You’ll love the way you look. Check this out: http://bfitsandiego.com/bfit/content/hit-weights-8
    Be Your Best! Shay – BFitSanDiego

  4. sandi anderson wrote on :

    I agree! I have the same problem, I am 5’10” and if I did gain a few lbs. it was spread over my entire body. Now one pound and it is right around my middle. Help. I have not found the treadmill to help.I hate this HELP

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