I am 100 lbs overweight. I am contemptating a ;a[ band surgery because my food diaries and exercise are not doing it. I have reduced my calorie intake to 1500 a day and veggies and fruits to 5 each sometimes more. My protein intake is low one or 2 a day. Whay do u suggest for weight loss?

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  1. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    See a Registered Dietitian!!!

  2. n s wrote on :

    If you’re already on a reduced calorie diet and not seeing any results, a restrictive weight loss procedure like the lap band may not help you. This sounds like it may be a metabolic issue, if you have dieted and kept careful records of your meals and yet are not seeing any weight loss. Have any of your diets been medically supervised? Or supervised by a RD? If not I would recommend doing that before opting for any surgery. While self-administered diets are done in good faith, sometimes you may not always know what is best in a nutritional sense.

    On the other note, if you’ve decided that weight loss surgery is what you’d like to do, you should consult with a top-notch bariatric surgeon who performs ALL of the weight loss surgeries (lap band, VSG, RNY and Duodenal Switch). It is of utmost importance that the doctor you consult with is licenced to perform and experienced in all of these, because he/she will then be able to best advise you on which surgery is most likely to help in your situation. If the doctor does not perform all of the surgeries I’ve mentioned, the doctor may “steer” you into a surgery that isn’t right for you but one that doctor performs. Some doctors are notorious for trash-talking surgeries that they do not perform in order to deter the patient from seeking info elsewhere (to doctors who do perform the other surgeries).

    I would check out obesityhelp.com for pointers from weight loss surgery patients on where to start looking for info on doctors to consult with.

    Good luck

    • jane cavalli wrote on :

      I clearly need to pick up the exercise more than 2 or 3 hrs a day. I am sending my food logs to my dietitian and nutrician. She recommended the lap band.

    • n s wrote on :

      No offense to your nutritionist, while she means well and I know her intentions are good, the fact is that and she’s not qualified to advise you on which bariatric surgery is the one you should pursue- only a bartiatric surgeon can do that. If recommending the lap band is more intended as a suggestion to look into weight loss surgery in general, it that is fine, but don’t go with the lap band on her recommendation. There are a lot of risks, pros and cons with any surgery, you need someone who knows what they’re talking about. Let a bariatric surgeon advise you on that, they are the authorities on the subject.

      With 100lbs to loose, I am going to assume you’re in the morbidly obese weight range. There are several weight loss surgeries, each with their own pros and cons, that are better for some individuals depending on their situation/health/reasons for being overweight. While I’m not a doctor, I would not recommend the lap band if you have 100lbs to loose. I would look into the RNY or DS.

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