I keep reading about floorid (moderator edit: we think the author meant “fluoride”) in water. I am tired, depressed and way overweight Can this be a factor? kayMI

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  1. n s wrote on :

    I grew up drinking fluorinated water. All it did was make my teeth look great 🙂

    It sounds like you may have something else going on health-wise. Check in with your doctor. good luck!

  2. Hellohealth wrote on :

    Your symptoms are typical of 3 of the most common symptoms of low thyroid function. They include:
    Weight gain despite adhering to a low-calorie diet
    Elevated cholesterol
    Yellow bumps on the eyelids
    Recurrent infections
    Hypersensitivity to cold weather
    Poor circulation and numbness in your extremeties
    Needing more sleep to get through the day
    Digestive problems
    Dry skin
    Thinning hair
    Loss of outer third of the eyebrows
    Muscle cramps

    The thyroid can be affected by poor diet, flouride in the water, excessive consumption of unsaturated fats, endurance exercise, pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, radiation from x-rays, alcohol and drugs.

    However, a condition called Hashimoto’s disease is believed to be the most common cause of underactive thyroid, which is an autoimmune issue.

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