Why is it sooo hard to lose even 5lbs. when I have like 40 lbs. to go?? I’m so frustrated that it’s really really depressing..

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  1. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    The point is to start with healthy eating and get away from “diet”. I have clients make one healthy change at a time. One of my favorites is to make it a goal to eat 7-8 servings/day of fruits and vegetables (I include dried beans). Have a calendar where you make a check mark for every serving you eat. See how you do!!! Check out the DASH diet – free to download:
    check out my blog http://www.thefrugaldietitian.com

  2. gerdi scheffler wrote on :

    I had my battle with food in my early twenties when I gained thirty pounds in, what seemed like, thirty days. I tried diet after diet, after diet…. I would loose five pounds and manage to put them back on in a couple of days. I can eat 24/7 and I never feel full. My metabolism seems non existent. I gain weight just by looking at food. I love to eat and I love sweets. I am adicted to food. I stopped the dieting after several unsuccessful attempts because I realized I had to “come to terms with food.” I changed my eating habits, which meant no more inhaling food, eating slower and eating smaller portions. When something does not taste that great I will not finish it. I do not deprive myself of anyting. I just don’t eat as much (as I would like) of my high calorie favorites and I don’t eat them all the time. Maybe I will just have a bite of something that I really crave. I have been able to maintain my weight, even through menopause, for more than thirty years. I check my weight regularly to catch slip ups.

  3. Nancy Goodman wrote on :

    I was never able to lose weight…not even 5 lbs. I must have tried every diet out there…even the wacky ones. But when I stopped eating processed foods, all sugar and flour (white AND brown), the weight came off. I lost 50 lbs 3 years ago and have kept it off. The flour, sugar and processed foods cause your body to crave more and retain more. I actually eat much more now than I did before! If it seems impossible to stop eating those foods you might have a food addiction issue and can try a 12-step group such as Food Addicts in Recovery or Overeaters Anonymous.

  4. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    If you are over 40, our metabolism naturally slows down, we are usually less active, muscle mass declines and our hormones start changing. This is a recipe for weight gain – it is sooo frustrating!!!

    If you are menopausal and need a certified menopause clinician, click here for an expert in your area:


    Managing your symptoms is important. If you are not feeling well, cortisol (stress hormones) will kick in clinging to every pound.

    Next, make sure you are consuming LEAN proteins, low to medium glycemic carbs, and exercising at least 4-5 days a week for 30 minutes or more. Eat mini-meals every 4 hours, don’t go hungry. Carry a snack pack with low-fat string cheese and almonds.

    It is a bummer we have to work so hard to maintain a healthy weight after 40, but once you incorporate healthy habits and manage menopause symptoms – it is possible. The above formula worked for me – I lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks! Wahooo, but it took work to make changes.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. rosie battista wrote on :

    It’s difficult to answer that without me knowing what your diet looks like now. Are you eating processed foods. I believe that if you eat pure and “naked” foods, your body will adjust and you will get to a natural body weight. Check out http://www.cookingnakedafter40.com for some recipe ideas for foods that promote health and weight loss.

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