Where can I find the best and most flattering white shirts? I am looking for something that has a flattering collar/neckline and quality fabric?

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  1. jminetre wrote on :

    I vote for Eileen Fisher. She uses quality fabrics — organic cotton, cotton jersey, handkerchief linen, etc. Plus, Eileen’s clothes are always cut and designed to emphasize a woman’s smallest body area (a few inches under the bust) so the garments are nicely tailored and fitted through the shoulders and bustline yet they merge to a softer flowing fit over the abdomen and hip area. Very flattering on all figure types! Available in regular, petite, and plus sizes. Buy her clothes online at eileenfisher.com or visit Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Dillards, Saks, or Lord & Taylor. And here’s the best part — nearly every garment she sells is washable.

  2. Sharon T. Sharon T. wrote on :

    Go online to http://www.Belk.com and hey if you open an account? Today save 20%

  3. Barbara Torris wrote on :

    I love the Foxcroft line at Nordstroms (west coast). They have a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. Their classic white shirt never never goes out of style!



  4. Breesha wrote on :

    Rebecca & Drew…. Beautifully taylored with nice touches and the never pop open at the bustline: http://ztrend.com/zpxo

  5. Patrice Walton wrote on :

    I have had wonderful results from Brooks Brothers. I have had Brooks Brothers shirts for twenty years and they always look great.

  6. Delores Kenyon wrote on :

    Coldwater Creek is my favorite. Especially the no iron type- I hate to iron.
    American Living by JC Penney if you are a Mall Chick.

  7. Sharon Berry wrote on :

    Coldwater Creek has lovely white no-iron shirts,hands down. Also Foxcroft has nice white no-iron shirts.

  8. Rockyred wrote on :

    Brooks Brothers.

  9. Micheline Just wrote on :

    If you’re looking for something inexpensive, I love the white blouse from the Worthington line at JCPenney. It has darts and french cuffs, washes like a charm, and is less than $20 on sale! I always get compliments when I wear it. In fact, I bought another one in pale coral. People compliment that one as well…and they never guess it’s the same shirt. I love the way you can accessorize a basic blouse to look different every time.

  10. Carol Stark wrote on :

    I still like J JILL (store or online) for quality blouse/shirts and Eileen Fisher. Pricing can be less then you think as they always seem to have specials or sales on a regular basis. Flattering collar will depend on your face shape and personal preference.

  11. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    you should go to soft surroundings web site. I got 2 FAB white blouses,long,in the outlet section for less than you would believe!

  12. Cécile Wheatley wrote on :

    I agree with Susan Hersh. Foxcroft (Nordstrom’s) are made of a cotton/poly blend that washes and dries very well. They also are affordably priced.
    I have found out that shirts fit depending on the manufacturer. B. Bros. are narrow or boxy… the fitted are too fitted and the boxy are way too boxy. Nordstroms has good fit… but for me Chico’s has the best fit. Remember the bust, and the waist determine the perfect fit…

    Have a great day everyione!


  13. Cécile Wheatley wrote on :

    Try Chico’s… I just love their shirts. Period. Any color. Affordably priced and well fitting… and the best part: no iron. If you are like me you may want to press them justa bit to give them “THAT look” of crispness…but they wash and dry very well.



  14. arlene satz wrote on :

    I never leave empty handed from Talbots. If they don’t have a brick & mortar location you can find them on line.

  15. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    Foxcroft shirts are wrinkle-resistant for easy care & are made of cotton/poly broadcloth or with a touch of spandex for stretch ease. Shirts have an easy fit that is shaped for layering. Other options have great details to wear as a statement. Machine wash can save on dry cleaning bills. Sug. retail $59- $79

    Check out the Appleseed’s website:

    Paperwhite is another option, a fashion-forward collection of shirts & blouses selling at “bridge” price points. 800-223-6034 is available for you to find a store near your location.

    To view beauty videos and interviews with professional Experts please visit my website:
    http://www.susanhersh.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/MeetTheExperts


    • PKW wrote on :

      For the last few years, I hit the Jones New York section at Macy’s.. they always have good cotton white basic and dressy blouses and knit tops with just enough fashion update to make them fun. The fit is good and they hold up well.

  16. hisybil wrote on :

    Great resources! Another one of my favorite ways to locate a specific item is by visiting http://www.shopstyle.com and enter your search word, “white shirt”. It will give you all the white shirts that are currently selling at retail and online.

  17. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    White shirts are at ann fontaine…… all styles, shapes , fits….That is all she sells!!! also I have found that Brooks Brothers has great white shirts for woman as well… There are some with a great little stretch to them as well as just fab cottons…. either one would be a great place to start your search……Good luck!

  18. Lori Ann Robinson wrote on :

    I agree with Glenyse. Anne Fontaine has the most incredible blouses. Stunning

  19. StyleGoesStrong40478 wrote on :

    Your size is going to influence availability within certain resources. Your budget is important too.
    I agree with Geri that a custom shirt is a great idea but it takes finding great fabric (I like those with a bit of stretch) and an excellent dressmaker. But looking around can also bring great results–I found my best white shirt recently at Dolce and Gabbana (but it’s not a stock item).
    Anne Fontaine has a huge selection–if you don’t desire “a basic”. Ralph Lauren, RALPH (larger size selection), and Theory often have good basic ones. Talbots (good size selection) and Brooks Bros.(great for their non-wrinkle) usually have decent “classic”shirts.
    Sherrie Mathieson

  20. Marsha Harris wrote on :

    I agree, Talbots and ColdwaterCreek, also @ Sak’s 5th Avenue in the Bridge Department, where the Theory, etc. is located. White shirts/blouses are so beautiful, but you must take good care of them, wash in cold water with OxyClean added to a little detergent, hang to dry, then press, they will stay “new” so much longer. Hope this helps.

  21. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Talbots.com has some exceptional white shirts. Also try ColdwaterCreek.com! They both excel and I have used both sites for many years. They also have terrific customer service and returns policies.

  22. Glenyse Thompson wrote on :


    • shellie robin wrote on :

      Two fabulous choices! Can never go wrong with a Brooks Brothers white shirt — especially non-iron!

  23. Geri Brin wrote on :

    Do you know what style neckline looks best on you? Also, do you want the shirts to be casual, for dress or for work? Your answers will help me give you a better answer. In the meantime, think about going to a great fabric store and buying a white shirting fabric you adore. Then find a wonderful dressmaker and discuss with him or her what she thinks would flatter you. The cost of the fabric and the custom-made shirt will be the same price as a “quality” shirt in a better store. I’ve done this many times. Most stores have a pitiful selection of shirts in any color.

    • Maureen McGrath wrote on :

      Geri – I think you introduced me to a great shirt maker several years ago: Artschiller and Tarlow in NYC. I was able to bring them a shirt I loved and have it duplicated in multiple fabrics provided by them. The cost was reasonable and the custom tailoring made for wonderful comfort.

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