What is the best face cream you can buy that will help you look younger?

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  1. atlellie wrote on :

    The Avon Anew line has been wonderful for my skin for over the counter. Always use Walgreen’s face sun screen under my makeup during the day. It is non-oily and gives me good protection.

  2. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    I firmly, believe, that serums are the way to go. They penetrate deep into the skin more so than creams. There are many out on the market. Since I do not know your skin type it is hard to say which one would be best. But whatever you choose , be sure it is a serum. Staying out of the sun and sunscreen , BTW is the best thing to help you look younger

  3. Susan Olson wrote on :

    I don’t sell cosmetic products but I’ve used them for the last forty years. I’m told that my skin looks great. I like several different products that I’ve used over the years. I saw that Vichy was already mentioned. But I do like their products. Go to their website and and answer the questions they have and I’m sure they will come up with something. I use Lancome (I use precious cells at night and renergie lift during the day)products but recently I tried some estee lauder for firming skin and and for aging skin. Their daily serum was wonderful. I would like to try their night serum. I have just used Roc;s new eye cream that lifts and etc. But I like lancome’s newest product better. I have used the genenifique by lancome and love it. I’ve trying to find lower budget products that really help but I haven’t found any yet except the viche and the roc. I’m still looking. I’ve never cared for olay but I understand they are improving on their products. I tried their pro x line and didn’t care for it. I still try to buy Lancome and will use some Estee Lauder when I can. I just need to find something for my eyes. Moving to the south as damaged my eyes with all the allergens. I try to give as honest a review of the products I’ve tried. Just because I’ve tried them and either liked them or not is only my opinion. But my skin tells the story.

  4. JunieB wrote on :

    You don’t say which Avon regime you used but it sounds like the Platinum range would be a good one for you. Also the newest skin care involves gene stimulation. My favorite right now is Lancome’s genefique serum which can be used with your Avon creams. It only takes 3 small drops to cover your entire face so it does last a long time ! The good news is Avon will be bringing out a similar product very soon! If you would like samples of anything go to my website (click on my picture ) & leave your details, I even have genefique samples. Because of your broken capillaries I would be careful using anything too strong as it could make them even redder. Thanks for the great question 🙂

  5. shellie robin wrote on :

    Over the years, dermatologists have told me that Retin-A and Renova are the best topical treatments. You’ll need a prescription and they’re expensive but stronger than what you can buy at the local drug store. I’ve been using Jajoba oil mixed with water as a moisturizing treatment. And have been using Cetaphil for years as a cleanser.

  6. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    Face creams or moisturizing lotions for the face are VERY personal based on skin type, color & texture. If there is ONLY one option to buy to help women look younger then we would all be seeking the same miracle broth.

    For my day moisturizer I use Kinerase, non-Comedogenic & hypoallergenic.
    *Kinetin is clinically proven to help skin retain moisture & improve signs of aging. *Amino peptides are known to increase the rate of collagen production.
    *Moisture-binding carbohydrate complex restores & regulates moisture in the skin.
    *Photosomes, light-activated repair enzymes, rebuild & protect against oxidative damage & clinically proven to reduce UV damage by 52%.
    It is recommended that you use an SPF product in conjunction w/ Kinerase.

    Cosmetic Mall will give you 20% off if you replenish w/ them on an annual basis & this will help reduce the price of this product tremendously.

    To view beauty videos and interviews with professionals please visit:
    http://www.susanhersh.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/MeetTheExperts


  7. lkodimer@hotmail.com wrote on :

    Avon anew Genics will be out in about a month. 10 years in research it wll take up to 10 yrs off your face, works for age spots also. You can buy a trial size for $1.99 in campagn 18 online at Avon. There is a patent on this product. I have been using it and thinks its great. Hope this helps

  8. fnj321 wrote on :

    that really depends on the severity of your individual complexion concerns. You truly need to check out the skin care regimen card from Avon which has the targeting creams for 4 different sets of concerns. Go to http://www.youravon.com/frussell and explore the skin care offerings in the award-winning Anew brand. All products are guaranteed.

  9. Jessica Krant, M.D. (Derm) wrote on :

    There is only ONE FDA-approved antiaging cream (proven with blinded, placebo controlled trials and biopsy skin specimens examined under the microscope proving reversal in aging). That is tretinoin cream (original brand name- Retin-A). There are over the counter strengths of this retinoid cream sold in the forms of retinol and retinaldehyde, but tretinoin itself is a prescription. Many of the products mentioned here will help the skin appear younger, but have not been proven in VERY rigorous scientific studies not run by the cosmetics companies themselves, to do much more than moisturize very well, which is really the key to the value of many creams. The best proven bet for real, scientific antiaging, is to use tretinoin sparingly (speak with your dermatologist about how to use it to prevent side effects) with daily high level SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen. Then spend your money on the other products for fun in addition to this regimen.
    Dr. Krant

  10. kash1015 wrote on :

    unfortunately the BEST face cream will not be available for about 1 month. Avon is coming out with a new face cream called Anew Genics.

  11. Cynthia del Valle wrote on :

    I have used Olay products since I was a teenager. I now use Olay Regenerist and it seems to have made a difference. I would be careful however with the Regenerist, a friend of mine started to use it and her skin was sensitive to it and she no longer uses it. I also like L’Oreal Revitalizing products.

  12. linda caricofe wrote on :

    I have been using Avon for years.
    But, when Avon created Anew, I decided to start selling Avon to spread the news.
    You know why ? Because it transformed my face in one year.
    I can prove it.
    My name is easily found in the Internet search engine.
    My talk videos ( I am an amateur, not a professional actor ) you can see my face change throughout the time I started the videos till today , and you can see different face images of me on the net too, because I started posting my face with my name about 3 years ago.
    Avon has many Anew products.
    I highly recommend 3 of them.
    Anew Clinical Eye Lift cream , Anew Advance Wrinkle Protector creme in the morning, and at night, the Anew Therma Firma Face Lifting creme at night.
    That is my routine, and it works for me.
    I like the other Anew products too, but the routine seems to be the best routine for me.
    Best wishes,
    Linda Caricofe

  13. Cindy Joseph wrote on :

    Just wanted to let you know that Boomstick Glo from Boom! by Cindy Joseph
    is hand made of organic olive oil and all the goodies from the bee hives. Moisturizing, protecting and healing. Designed to be used all over your face and lips, even the delicate skin around your eyes. http://www.boombycindyjoseph.com

    • StyleGoesStrong40490 wrote on :

      Thanks for your response I will keep this in mind since it does carry olive oil and organic produts.

    • Cindy Joseph wrote on :

      You are welcome. I know it can seem a little tacky pushing my own products. However, when I scanned some of the guru answers and saw the mention of Olive Oil, I just couldn’t help myself.
      Having been in the cosmetics and beauty industry my whole life, I have experimented, studied and advised about every product and ingredient out there. Very important to remember that no one can claim anything other than “make skin ‘appear’ to look younger, or less wrinkled” or “will allow the skin to ‘look’ moisturized.” etc.
      Your skin and body really do moisturizing as long as you are healthy.
      An applied moisturizer will be somewhat absorbed. And what sits on top is actually what protects your skin and hold in the natural moisturizers your body creates. Eating well, exercising, plenty of sleep and fresh air make the biggest difference. And of course, genetics play the largest part in how your skin ages. I say, put your attention on health and happiness and you will naturally be attractive. “Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic!” Rosalind Russell.

  14. casavon wrote on :

    The market is full of antiaging skin care products. What you need to do is figure out what is most important to you. If, by saying you want to look younger, you mean getting rid of lines and wrinkles, then you were on the right track by using Avon. If you were using Ultimate AM and PM, then they really DO do it all!! You’ll see significant improvement when you use these products according to directions. If you’re over 60, then the Platinum line would be your choice.

    If you’re looking to brighten your skin or you have other concerns, then you might want to consider adding a treatment to your daily regimen. If you browse the Avon website, you’ll find many different treatments; each doing something specific. Once you determine YOUR needs, you’ll have no problem choosing what’s right for you and your skin type!!

    Good luck!! Choosing the right thing isn’t as difficult as you might think!! Chris


  15. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    Lots are good -for friends on a budget I recomend RoC products and Olay – for bigger budgets I recomend Clinique anit aging and Peter Thomas Roth -this would all depend on what target problems you have

  16. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    When I speak to groups of people, I always tell them the same thing. Unless your skin care specialist or doctor has recommended a specific cream for you to use, the best cream on the market is the one that has been there the longest: Ponds. Invariably, at the end of my presentations, two or three people will come up to me showing off their beautiful skin, and avowing their use of Ponds. They also claim that their mothers before them also have beautiful skin and use only Ponds.

    Not knowing your skin type and/or specific problems with your skin, it is in your best interest that you go with a product that is gentle, and that works. Ponds has no additives. It is pure face cream.

    On the other hand, another product line of which I am particularly fond is Bio Jouvance Paris. It is made from very fresh ingredients in the south of France, then shipped to the United States. It is not overly expensive, and there is an extensive line of beautiful skin care. You can buy it on line at http://www.biojouvance.com, or you can buy it at many spas throughout the nation.

    If you want to go completely natural, extra virgin olive oil is the choice of many beautiful women throughout the world. You can find EVOO made for the skin with other ingredients such as lavender on line at sciabica.com.

    • StyleGoesStrong40490 wrote on :

      Wow olive oil who would have guessed. I will try and see how that works for me. I want to thank you for your quick response.

  17. traceybrown wrote on :

    Hi there–

    Thats the age old quest isn’t it? Looking younger!
    It wouldn’t be fair to recommend a product to you without first knowing more about your skin and what your particular concerns are about looking younger.
    1. Lines and wrinkles?
    2. Loss of elasticity?
    3. Hyperpigmentation?
    4. Uneven texture?
    5. Loss of radiance? Dull, lackluster skin?
    6. What is your current skin care regimen — products and brands.

    And last but not least, what is your skin type? Are you dry? Combo?

    Armed with that info I could give you a pointed answer that would work specifically for you.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • StyleGoesStrong40490 wrote on :

      I have lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and some red viens. My skin type is combination of both. I have been using Anew produts from Avon, other times I use Loreal.

    • Maria Comfort wrote on :

      Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest ingredient you can apply to your skin. I has every anti-oxidant the skin requires and in direct proportion. The cell size is smaller than your blood cell, and penetrates immediately into the skin. Your body responds immediately to it. To apply, take about 1/2 teaspoon into your palm and rub your hands together. There should be no smell, or only the smell of olives. Then apply to your face and neck (the rest of your body appreciates it also.) You can blot any excess with a tissue after about 30 seconds, but usually nothing will come off on the tissue.

      Many European products now contain this wonderful ingredient. Sophia Loren has stated that it is the only thing she has used on her skin. All my clients use it. It works!!


    • traceybrown wrote on :

      Thanks for your reply.
      The fact that you have red lines tells me that your skin is probably thin and fragile. With that being said, there are a few primary ingredients that work for addressing the concerns you expressed.

      1. ACE vitamins — the antioxidants that help repair and rebuild and prevent
      2. Peptides — the amino acids that help rebuild the collagen layers of your skin and thereby improve firmness
      3. SPF — you didn’t mention if you were using a sunscreen on a daily basis, and if you aren’t this is your number one defense to have clear skin.

      I noticed that you use Avon and L’Oreal brands, so I am assuming that you adhere to a budget of under $25 for your skin care purchases.

      Here are my recommendations that fit in that range:

      For Day:
      1. Cleanse — try Cetaphil, inexpensive and readily available at your drugstore
      2. Treat — try a multi-duty product, on that contains moisturizer, treatment and SPF. Remember to use this GENEROUSLY, down to your decollate and on your hands as well.
      Try — RoC Multi Correxion Lift Anti-Gravity Day Moisturizer SPF 30 around $22
      Olay Total Effects 7-in1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer Mature Skin Therapy around $20
      If you can bump up your budget, I love the products from Vichy Labs.

      For Night:

      I would love to see you layer with a treatment serum (retinol) and an intensive moisturizer at night. If you can’t make that splurge, then a moisturizer that combines both.

      Serums Try:
      RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle around $20
      Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Fragrance Free around $20
      Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Micro-Sculpting Serum $25
      Philosophy Miracle worker (I <3 this!) $58

      Philosophy Help me $48
      Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream $25
      RoC Multi Correxion Lift Anti-Gravity Night Cream Around $25

      I hope this provides you some options.

  18. zipporahs wrote on :

    There are so many on the market now, but after speaking with my skin care doctor, I’ve learned that the medical anti-aging formulas (like Obagi or DCL) actually offer a higher concentration of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, etc. than regular “over the counter” brands.

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