We are looking for a dog to add to our family. I watch my 3 grand daughters during the day so whatever kind we get (old, young, mixed or pure), it must be child friendly. Oh, we have 2 cats too! My husband has never had a dog. The whole experience has him a bit nervous.
Thx for the input!

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  1. sindrirune wrote on :

    so sorry after I posted my reply I saw your post that you found a dog for your family. I happy you were able to find the right fit. Good Luck

  2. sindrirune wrote on :

    I have experience with boxers and children which are great companions for each other most people think they look tough but they are gentle giants and loving friends. go online and read about the breed you will see i am correct. Its best to get one from a rescue that has been house trained and exposed to cats. age two and older would be best since they are over the puppy stage and of course rescues that specialize with boxers would help you choose the perfect match. Small dogs and children don’t always work out but if you are looking for a smaller breed try Jack Russell or Carin Terrier. Most of all use a rescue.

  3. avonlady wrote on :

    Labs are really good with kids!

  4. tumblewind wrote on :

    So proud of you for rescuing a dog. As a shelter volunteer, trainer, and dog foster “mom”, I love that Petfinders helped you find your new family member. If you decide to get a second, make sure you let your first dog help select the next. I have had problems when dogs – who have strong feelings about other canines (like people do with other people) – don’t take to each other. Also, volunteering at shelters even just a few hours a week can let you get to know available dogs up close & personal. Most shelters also let you “cat test” a dog before taking it home. I have found that people recommending breeds don’t understand how different each individual dog can be, nor matter how great their past experience with their particular breed has been. Until no more displaced dogs are killed, I would hope dog lovers would stop breeding and supporting that business. Happy times to you all.

  5. Linda Secretan wrote on :

    Perhaps you’ve found your new best friend.
    In case you’re still looking –
    my daughter has a Golden Doodle – silly name for a Great dog – a poodle, golden retriever mix. Adorable with the multiple virtues of both breeds and Does Not Shed … at all!

  6. Kathy Johnson wrote on :

    Well, we may have found our dog. She is a collie mix that I found on petfinders.com. She is with a local rescue. Her name is Jayln and is a collie mix and has the softest eyes! We get her tomorrow and have her for 5 days as foster parents. Wish us luck and thank you, again, for all your help.

  7. debra scandone wrote on :

    If you are anywhere near NY go to ” Meet the Breeds”, you can google it. Rescue is great but I ended up with a fear biter, be careful with children around. I would look for fostered dogs if you go that route. Having a great match for your family is the best – you are smart to research before you get a pet, I’m sure whatever you decide will work out! Enjoy!

  8. Jacqualin Davies wrote on :

    Try rescues in your area. My experience has been that the people who foster know their dogs, whether they are good with children, cats, other dogs. I have two adopted German Shepherds and they are great with kids.

  9. Kathy Johnson wrote on :

    Thanx everyone for the great ideas. I have actually put in 5 applications for adoption of rescues. So, I’m waiting. We’ve cancelled out the retired greyhound because of the little ones. Katie, the 3 yr old, is used to her Chocolate Lab and greyhounds are just not ‘in your face’ kind of dogs! We’ve also decided we would prefer a less shedding dog and have ruled out smaller dogs. They babies might hurt them. Today, I’m off to the local ‘pounds’. I’ve had ‘pound puppies’ before and had great success.
    Wish me luck everyone. I really appreciate all the input.
    Kathy J

    • webmaster webmaster wrote on :

      Adopted dogs are the best 🙂

      My second Samoyed was an adopted stray, he was literally the perfect dog. He’s passed over the rainbow bridge a long time ago, but there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of him.

    • Kathy Johnson wrote on :

      Hi Everyone!
      I apologize for never following up on this. We have adopted a wonderful Austrailian Shepard mix. She was found under a trailer in Georgia and brought to Wisconsin by a rescue called Tailwaggers911. They are a wonder group of people and helped us throughout the process. Heidi is about 7 years old. We had a bit of a rough beginning as she had Heartworm disease (poor thing) After some painful treatments, we have come out victorious and she is now 1 year heartworm free. YEAH!!! I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep the heartworm meds consistent for the entire year! It only costs around $10 a month. We just bought 12 months worth for $93 from our vet. Anyway, I wish I could put a picture of her on this post. She is a very loving, kid friendly, well behaved dog. I truly thank everyone for their help in finding her.
      Happy Holidays everyone!

  10. webmaster webmaster wrote on :

    There have been some great suggestions here! I don’t normally post, but I wanted to recommend a breed.

    I highly recommend the Samoyed. Growing up as a child I had two of them, and those were some of the best years of my life. They are gentle and friendly with big hearts, some get along with cats but it depends on the individual dog. And another perk is that they don’t stink 🙂 However, they do shed a lot, need exercise, and require air conditioning during the summer due to the dense coat, so they’re not for everyone.

    You can learn more about the breed here:


    Here’s a link to a video from animal planet’s show “dogs 101”

  11. Catherine Del Spina wrote on :

    Hello Kathy, I work with a rescue organization which places BOXERs in new home situations. There is a great benefit to working with a rescue group over a shelter as the dogs have been evaluated in a “foster home” situation before being adopted out. This give you, as the new caregiver, a great perspective on the dogs personality. I would be happy to help you should you like more info. I have two boxer rescue dogs myself and they couldn’t be more terrific. feel free to write me at: cds@delspina.com or call my office at 914-276-4867. This breed is well known for it’s loyalty and great family loving traits.

  12. sindrirune wrote on :

    As a vet tech and animal rescuer I have seen lots of breeds that break their stereo type. I would rescue before buying a puppy since there are so many great dogs looking for a forever home. Lots end up in the shelter after people buy an adorable puppy then don’t want to train them. You get back what you put in. I don’t know how old your Grand daughters are but I would suggest a medium to large breed. Mutts are great, I had boxers when my Daughter was growing up and they are patient and loyal family dogs. You can go to a local boxer rescue and see for yourself. The great thing about exposing your family to the unconditional love of a dog is your family will learn from them too. I have 6 dogs and 2 cats all rescues and all spoiled.

  13. Cheryl Wait wrote on :

    I would take the kids with the two of you to several shelters, with the firm knowledge that you are NOT getting an animal at that time. Look and see what is out there, what appeals to you and the kids, and talk to the shelter people. Several breeds do not do well with cats. Huskies in particular. I would go to the library and get several books on different breeds that interest you and your husband and research that way. The internet also, has many breed sites. Here is a link to a little quiz, which, while not definitive, can help get things into perspective. /www.dogbreedinfo.com/search.htm That said, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Collies, and many other breeds are good with both kids and small animals. Take into consideration the energy level of the dog also, as a high energy dog will require the same from you. Think of how much or little grooming you are willing to do. I would not recommend a Border Collie, Pit bull, Chihuahua, Siberian Husky, Malamute, Russian Ovcharka, or a TINY toy (think tea cup poodle here) for children or first time owners. For your husband who has never had a dog, perhaps the books on multiple breeds from the library, and visits to shelters, and a vet will ease his mind, and help in the decision making. Make sure to take your new pet to the vet as soon as possible to have a check up. Reputable breeders will have health checks, and first shots and worming for puppies. They also often have older dogs for sale. Good luck with your hunt! You will have lots of fun I am sure.

    • Deborah Dunbar wrote on :

      Try a Pug…. The most lovable dog in the world!!

    • sindrirune wrote on :

      Their are too many Great pure bred dogs in shelters to buy a puppy or an older dog, I would suggest saving a dogs life before buying one. Some people drop them off at the shelter just because the move & can’t take them or choose not to. Rescued pets are forever grateful to get a 2nd chance, I have 6.

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