Where should I go for good coaching in nutrition/

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  1. CatEbeling wrote on :

    Actually, I offer diet and nutrition coaching. There are a couple of ways you can do this–one by joining my inner circle program, or two, by individual one-on-one counseling. Feel free to contact me for more information if you are interested. cat@simplesmartnutrition.com
    Otherwise, you can search online for nutrition coaching. Many nutrition and wellness specialists offer coaching. Just be sure to check for credentials, and experience.

  2. Linda Secretan wrote on :

    Thank you all, and also for the speed with which you answered! This really is a real place with real people!

    Now – another question: What is your opinion of Institute of Integrative Nutrition and/or the Academy of Healing Nutrition? Are those certifications creditable?

    • Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

      I would be skeptical if I were you. Get a Registered Dietitian who spends 4 years studying nutrition. Too many alternative medicine “professionals” do NOT have science behind their approaches.

  3. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    Go see a Registered Dietitian – many have additional coaching training too. You can check with your local hospital for one or go to http://www.eatright.org .

  4. Caroline Cederquist M.D. wrote on :

    Hello LindaSecretan,

    At my practice, we offer nutrition consultations via Skype, where we would set up a video phone call to discuss your personal nutrition needs, as well as your dietary concerns. My highly trained and skilled dietitians are the best resource for nutrition coaching. I have also created a website packed full with nutrition guidance and health information. Please take a peek at http://www.drcederquist.com for more information!

    You could also schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian in your area. Try http://www.eatright.org/programs/rdfinder/ to find an RD near you.

  5. Shirley Farley wrote on :

    Hi Linda, our individual biochemistry is as unique as our fingerprints. Run for your life if you find anyone offering “one size fits all” solutions. Rosie B. is right on when she asks you about your goals. Look for someone who asks many, many questions and who sends you to your doctor to request tests to determine your nutritional status. You might check with a local independent health food store (stay away from places like GNC) and ask for recommendations.

  6. Longhornmom wrote on :

    Local hospitals offer nutrition coaching for eac individuals needs. Some health food stores also offer classes on eating healthy.

  7. rosie battista wrote on :

    Hello Linda, What are you looking to learn? and what nutritional goals do you have? Of course I would say me, as I don’t know anyone who does it better. LOL.

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