Need to get rid of turkey neck-61 yr old face good neck is ready for Thanksgiving

0 Answers

  1. Jessica Krant, M.D. (Derm) wrote on :

    In all likelihood, you will really require a surgical neck lift for any lasting improvement. If you do go for a less drastic measure, be ready for less improvement, and possibly results that don’t stay as tight over the longer term. I recommend seeing a few different plastic surgeons (not so much dermatologists) for advice in person since this will really be your most reliable information. -Dr. Krant

  2. Debra Jaliman MD wrote on :

    I like Thermage CPT. It is safe and effective for skin tightening. But sometimes the neck is too far gone and only plastic surgery will help. You need to see a doctor to make that determination. See a board certified cometic dermatologist and plastic surgeon.

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