I don’t really think this is menopause, but my diabetes, but the problem is the same. Anytime I apply moisturizer, makeup, drink hot drinks, sometimes just eat, my face start prespiring to the point of flooding. My makeup slides off, my hair is soaked! I need recommendations for makeup.

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  1. lorimed75@gmail.com wrote on :

    Hi I have the same issues! One thing I have found that has helped is a mat formula moisturizer or face primer then a mat formula make-up (Clinique has been mentioned and is quite good). Then a slight dusting of transparent powder to set it. Hope this helps – as for the hair – I finally just had to go short and that has helped some as well!

  2. kemoRN wrote on :

    I have found mineral foundation the answer! Bare Escentuals has a beautiful mineral based foundation that stays on me even during exercise!

  3. Ms.Brown wrote on :

    Hi I’m a Professional Makeup& Hair Artist, I would suggest to you waterproof makeup , Because of the season the weather changes and so shouel your skincare and makeup as well , I hope it helps

  4. Speef wrote on :

    Thank you for responding. Clinique agrees with you. I’m going to try one of their oil free makeups as recommended. Also, everything else is going to be a summer, waterproof makeup.

  5. Lake Gal wrote on :

    This isn’t my area of expertise, but this may or may not help a bit. When I was going thru my ‘extreme’ hot flashes from menopause, I found that the moisturizer I was wearing was too ‘thick’ or ‘heavy’. Then when I added make-up over that, I was basically cutting off any breathing room for my face! Once I switched to a lighter, oil-free moisturizer (same with a lighter make-up), it helped a lot, especially in warmer weather. I’m not saying this will solve your problem, but might be something to consider. Good Luck.

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