As long as the fabric is seasonally appropriate can cropped or capri pants be worn all year long?

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  1. styleosophy wrote on :

    Absolutely. Here’s an example with pumps, the seasons rage of animal prints and red, http://pinterest.com/pin/387938267.

    I am careful of which shoes I choose to wear with my cropped pants because I am petite. I can easily come off looking like a pirate if the wrong length or leg width of cropped pants is paired with the wrong shoes, boots or booties.

  2. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    Absolutely…… with booties, or heels….and flats…. My pants are always cropped.. love the look!..

  3. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    When I lived in Sarasota, FL and the fall season came, I enjoyed transitioning my wardrobe by wearing boots, knitwear and wool trousers. The mornings were cool during the winter months; therefore I liked my legs covered.

    Based on your profile, it appears you live in SC and the mornings can be cool also. If you want to wear boots w/ your cropped pants this is perfectly acceptable. Capri pants tend to be very narrow and look best w/ a nude leg but you can wear a closed shoe instead of a sandal during this time period. In general, this fall season is not about the cropped trouser but on trend is the full leg trouser. Flare bottoms have also returned and look great w/ boots.

    My votes is cropped over Capri or tuck away both options until Spring ’12.

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  4. Lisa C. wrote on :

    Yes, it’s not the length of the pant that’s seasonally determined, but the type of shoe required by your weather:). Certain kinds of weather require shoes that look just terrible with a cropped pant. I will leave this to your imagination:).

  5. Sherrie Mathieson wrote on :

    Of course you can. I particularly like the “Audrey” cut that I feature in “Steal This Style” (from Piazza Sempione)–they make them for every season and look great with flats.

  6. Marsha Harris wrote on :

    Definitely, especially if your climate is warmer. Just add the seasonal accessories & you’ll be fine. You know, fall shoes/handbags & of course, jewelry. Hope this helps.

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