At the Beauty Bash the professional hair stylist there told me I should grow my hair out particularly making it longer in the back – short of spending a boat load of money on extensions – any thoughts on less expensive but good looking options?

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  1. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    I am no hairdresser but I too am growing out the back of my hair. It grows 1/2 inch a month and there are no short cuts (no pun intended). I am toughing it out by skipping a haircut to get some extra length. Getting a trim later this week to tidy it up.

    • Beverly Fedorko wrote on :

      thanks for your thoughts – I too am skipping the regular trim and am trying really hard to get through the process….a trim next week might help….a half inch a month – that will be reasonably longer by spring….hmmmm

    • Marcia Miller wrote on :

      I don’t know how accurate your profile photo is by it looks like our hair was similar. By just skipping one haircut, I can now manage a short ponytail which I can supplement with clip on fuller pony.
      Why did the stylist say you should lengthen it I wonder?

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