Has anyone had any experience with Fraxel Restor/ Dual Laser treatments and what kind of experience / result can you expect?

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  1. Toni Hughes wrote on :

    I tried it 5 years ago when it was touted as a non-surgerical facelift. I could not complete all 3 treatments. It was uncomfortable to have it done but bearable. But…afterwards was a bear and I was completely unprepared for the pain, the redness and the waffle pattern on my skin. My face remained red for a couple of months.

  2. mkflaa@hotmail.com wrote on :

    It is the latest and greatest of the Fraxel laser treatments made to increase it’s effectiveness against hyper pigmentation (sun damage). The treatments are in a series and most likely will cause redness and soreness to your skin. However, the professional administering the treatments will also suggest creams or medication to help with this side effect. I would do research and make sure you find a reputable professional in your area to do the treatments. You might notice immediate results, but will really notice them a couple of months later. The results will just keep getting better and better. It should cost between $2,000-2,500 for the entire treatment.

  3. Debra Jaliman MD wrote on :

    It’s an excellent laser that can be used to even color or improve texture. I have used it for lines and even for acne scars. It takes a few treatments 4 weeks apart. It is uncomfortable and requires medication for pain.

    • tenaj wrote on :

      What kind of medication are you referring to and how long is it needed. I am thinking of having this done for excessive sun damage to my face during my extended youth. Thanks.

    • Debra Jaliman MD wrote on :

      We use both topical anesthesia one hour before and a pain pill.

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