What can i do for thinning hair?

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  1. avonlady wrote on :

    Try the new Aveda trio product shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment.

  2. bonniesherbals wrote on :

    I’d suggestion starting to drink a long infusion of nettles tea and also use the nettles as a rinse. Nettles is a wonderful herb that I have seen help many of my clients with this issue. A long infusion means you are using loose nettles, putting about 3/4 cup of nettles to a quart of boiling water, steeping it on your counter overnight, straining and then drinking. For sources of purchasing bulk nettles I have a list on my website at http://bonniesherbals.com/resources

    The nettles also helps in many other ways, it’ll up your energy, infuse your body with extra minerals and lots more.

  3. nettiereno wrote on :

    To add volume you might try Toppik.

  4. Elline Surianello wrote on :

    I actually specialize in this. Watch the video on our homepage to see what we do.

  5. carport wrote on :

    My hairdresser recommended EQyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder. My twenty-five year has PCOS, and her hair was thinning at an alarming rate. She massages it with care into her scalp every night and washes it out in the morning. Within a month, she had a “halo” of short hairs sticking out of her head everywhere. We have recommended it to friends with thinning hair, and everyone has reported actual hair growth, and healther, thicker hair overall.

    Yes, it is for horses (and far superior than any “mane and tail” products sold in beauty departments. We get it at our local feed store, but it’s also sold on amazon.

    • elisse wrote on :

      I just bought a bottle of MegaTek (from Tractor Supply LOL) to split with a friend whose hair loss issue is even worse than mine. Question: how do you use it? Do you dilute it with anything? I did some Googling & while Everyone was crazy about the results (on nails as well as hair growth), some people said you shouldn’t use it full strength as it is a vet product and for horses which are a heck of lot larger than people… some were diluting it 50-50 with olive oil or conditioner, some left it in overnight, some only for an hour… Also some stated that the new products has different ingredients than the original and that the ingredients that really worked were removed… Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

  6. TruthinAging wrote on :

    Hi, I wrote an article on the products that I have tested and what woks for me. Here’s the link:

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