Is it ok to serve canned cranberry on Thanksgiving?

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  1. avonlady wrote on :

    I feel that for one day of the year , it’s fine to serve canned cranberry sauce if it’s part of the tradition then go for it. It’s only for a day!

  2. PKW wrote on :

    Is there another kind?

  3. AlvaFay@msn.com wrote on :

    That is what I was requested to bring. 🙂

  4. sandra@luxurygiftsfromitaly.com wrote on :

    Some people actually prefer the canned. I always make a quick and delicious relish….just put a bag of fresh cranberries; 1 orange washed and cut into eighths-sugar and port or marsala- blend together. Great on its own- with turkey; over ice cream!

  5. Robin McGann wrote on :

    Honey, you can serve anything your heart desires. My lovely Mom used to open both ends of the cans and shove it out on to a plate. I make it fresh. Some of the family likes mine, some pine for Mom’s (my sister misses the little ridges that the can would form in the jelly…) Just have a great time. I tried being Martha Stewart for a while but it’s a full time job and I have better fish to fry. So do you!

  6. MJ ANDRADA wrote on :

    yes, I always did but add fruits dried (figs, prunes) or fresh (orange rind, peaches, apricots) and spices …nutmeg and cinnamon; try it, no one will know the difference and you will come out as a gourmet cook!

  7. Ivy Pittman wrote on :

    Yes. What’s the big deal?

  8. Nancy Tortorella wrote on :

    Absolutely. I put it in an antique, cut glass bowl and it looks very nice. I’ve also made whole cranberry sauce from frozen cranberries but the family always prefers the Ocean Spray version. It’s part of the family Thanksgiving tradition.

  9. Victoria Meacham wrote on :

    Yes as sussexr said dress it up a bit and it will be fine.

  10. Laura Borud wrote on :

    I love cranberries and add them to dishes throughout the year, stocking the freezer this time of year when fresh. That said, I have yet to taste a fresh cranberry relish I really like. Serve whatever you like! If someone is snobby about canned cranberry sauce well they can just stew about it and not eat it.

  11. CandidaRoyalle wrote on :

    Here’s something you might want to consider when wondering whether or not to serve canned cranberry sauce: According to Breast Cancer Action (BCAction.org) who are co-releasing a new report (with the Breast Cancer Fund) on toxins in canned food, (http://bcaction.org/2011/11/16/food-justice-for-all-report-on-bpa-in-thanksgiving-canned-food/#summary), the report, “Bisphenol A (BPA) in Thanksgiving Foods”, analyzed the levels of BPA in canned foods. BPA is an endocrine disrupter that mimics estrogen in our bodies and has been shown to increase our risk of breast cancer. The study found that almost all of the canned food samples had some level of BPE contamination.

  12. Mary Evenson wrote on :

    Ok, after reading many of the replies, I have to say a good many of them sound a little bratty. Using canned cranberry does not mean I am not artfull or lacking in time, imagination, skill or that I don’t care about my guests.
    When I am at someone’s home I do not care about anything other than enjoying their company! I don’t care if they believe processed foods are bad, don’t have artfully displayed food, or have food I don’t enjoy – I can have a pbj sandwich when I get home, I am there to enjoy their company!
    I have friends and family who are/were terrific cooks and some who did/could ruin a can of soup, but we have fun when we get together and that is what is most important!
    We don’t know when these friends and family will be gone, so I just want to enjoy us all whenever I can.

  13. Mary Evenson wrote on :

    Yes!! I happen to like the jellied cranberry sauce, so I always serve it.
    For the family or guests, I or hubby or even sons will sometimes make a
    cranberry relish or other cranberry dish for variety.
    But, frankly, I do not care what others think, I like my Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce!

  14. Sara Jones wrote on :

    Yes! Slice it, place it on a pretty glass dish and trim it up. One of my sons won’t eat anything but canned cranberry sauce even when homemade special variations are available. Serve what YOUR family/friends like. Enjoy!

  15. Ruth Roscue wrote on :

    Of course its OK, its your home. I think that you can use fresh cranberries to your better advantage of you sweeten with artificial sweetner and I think they look pretterier too.

  16. Kathleen Silloway wrote on :

    Sure, it’s OK, but a couple of things to consider: A lot of cranberry sauces include high fructose corn syrup (the last I checked, which was a couple of weeks ago). Also, they come in BPA-containing, plastic-lined cans, which is a burgeoning health hazard. It is so easy to make–the links and recipes provide here point that out, but if you know your guests won’t eat the fresh, give them the canned–and make the fresh for yourself!

  17. Barb Puhala wrote on :

    If it’s a Family fav…then sure….Happy Thanksgiving…to all….

  18. Cynthia Johnston wrote on :

    Why ever not? Open the can and spend time with family!

  19. Mary Holland wrote on :

    I like homemade cranberry sauce better, but canned or homemade not much of it ever gets eaten in our household, so this year I am going with canned and saving my cooking efforts for foods that everyone eats.

  20. pat atwell wrote on :

    I serve both, homemade and the smooth Oceanspray from the can. The kids like the smooth and the adults like the homemade. With all there is to do, its up to you. What ever you serve will be appreciated. Happy Thanks Giving!!!!

  21. Mrsfitz wrote on :

    Enter answer here …Absolutely! Is there anything better than Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce????? I have made home made but I still like the jellied can best.

  22. avonlady wrote on :

    Yes, it’s OK. as long as you present it so that it is not still in the shape of the can. And if it’s the whole berries you can mix it up and shave some orage rind grated into it.

  23. Colleen Stevenson wrote on :

    Yes, absolutely. I will often make my own cranberry concoction only to be told by some relatives that they miss the canned stuff. So we usually serve both!

  24. loeloe wrote on :

    Not if it’s just slid out of the container and lies three, can ridges and all. If you must, use canned and embellish it. I personally do not like it to be cut into slices because it reminds me it’s from a can. As someone else said, making the relish fresh is so easy, and you know what you put into your own recipe.

  25. Marcelle Cole wrote on :

    I like fresh! The holidays are one of those times where I go all out and cranberry sauce is no trouble. I have also realized that while a full table spread is always beautiful to behold irt is unrealistic for a family of 4. I keep the menu simple but the offerings special, standing rib roast, crown roast, stuffed fillet of beef. Even a small capon or turkey. That makes it possible to craft the sides from scratch.

  26. Diane Hinkle wrote on :

    Even when I have fresh berries to make cranberry sauce, I always have canned cranberry sauce just in case the “real stuff” does not jell. It can happen even to the best of cooks. My husband even prefers the canned stuff.

  27. Olga Nohra wrote on :

    For all the time you spend trying to make canned cranberries decorative, you could make REAL cranberry sauce from scratch. There’s no comparison.

  28. C-K wrote on :

    Of course it’s okay to serve canned Cranberry Sauce. I do it every year, with NO Complaints!

  29. deestea wrote on :

    Of course, it’s ok! We grew up eating the canned and so did my children. A few years ago I found a recipe for a fresh cranberry relish, which I made, and my boys were so disappointed and wanted to know where the canned jellied cranberry sauce was…lol. Now, I serve both 🙂

  30. Randy@TheConsciousplate.com wrote on :

    While I prefer fresh for lots of reasons, I think that anything is OK if you do it consciously. What I mean by that is ask yourself some questions about it, check out the ingredients, do you know what they are? How do you feel about eating them and serving them to your guests? Do you like canned cranberry, if you do, by all means serve it on Thanksgiving. Afterall, it’s only once a year.

  31. FabGirl wrote on :

    My family insists on having only the canned jelled cranberry sauce! I prefer it myself, and wouldn’t even eat the dresssing if I didn’t have some to top it off, and then mix in. Those whole cranberries, (which I do love) while good in other applications, just seem to get in the way. So it’s more than ok, it’s a must!

  32. elllen wrote on :

    Canned cranberry either with applesauce or canned pineapple its a staple on our families thanksgiving table

  33. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    The fact that we even have to ask such questions is a sad comment on what the holidays have become. Thanksgiving is a day to do just that – give thanks. Guests who are critical of your meal are missing the point. Enjoy the day, serve it with love and no apologies.

  34. Annamarie Dodge wrote on :

    of course it is ok to serve canned cranberry…most of my guests prefer it and it saves time and money from making it. If you are serving whole berry canned , you can crush it up a little bit so it doesnt look like it comes directly out of the can, add whipped cream , coconut , chunks of angel food cake, etc…..if you are doing the jellied not whole berry, you can slice it and in be tween put slice of sweetened cream cheese, etc…there are so many ways to dress up plain canned cranberries…but they are just as much of a tradition as the turkey itself

  35. Darinda Huntley wrote on :

    If you must… but fresh cranberries alone are so easy to fix, taste better, and are better for you! You can do this a day ahead, so you get the “ease” of canned, but eliminate the pre-packaged food. You are in control of the sweetening, and are avoiding metals and preservatives.

    My favorite is cranberry orange relish. It’s easy and refreshing.

    Cranberry sauce is easy to make too:

  36. Gloria Jean Foti wrote on :

    With all the rest of the cooking you’re doing, something needs to be easy – YES!

  37. sfern@live.com wrote on :

    It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it!!

  38. Maryann Bolf wrote on :

    I do both, some like the canned and some prefer thr fresh sauce! I personally don’t like either, but I feel Thanksgiving is truly a time to be thankful and whatever you serve should be appreciated!!!

  39. beauty844 wrote on :

    Of course, but to make from scratch is soo very simple

  40. Kate Line wrote on :

    Our family likes a cranberry jello dish that I make days ahead, but I grew up on canned cranberry sauce, and I always liked it.(As a child, I didn’t know homemade was an option!) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with serving it.

  41. RitaMimi King wrote on :

    Of course! Just serve it in a beautiful little dish. I use a crystal one myself, but anything pretty or festive will do. I have made the cranberry sauce from scratch as well as the whole cranberry sauce from the can and my family cannot tell the difference. Why bother then, when there are so many other things to do!

  42. Debbie Schrade wrote on :

    I am going to risk being unpopular here, but I’ll say why? Making cranberries into a lovely sauce is so easy, and can be done ahead and refrigerated so they are firm and bright, and ready to please everyone without those little lined around from the can. Just follow the water/sugar amounts noted on the back of the Ocean Spray plastic bag, and cook until the berries pop, and you will have a hit on your hands.

  43. Kathy Watson wrote on :

    O.k. I suppose so but wouldn’t you rather serve something interesting?
    It really isn’t difficult to make a really cranberry salad a couple days before
    Thanksgiving and it keeps nicely. Just boil your cranberries, take off the
    stove once they have been popping in the boiling water, throw in a couple
    small boxes of orange jello and some walnuts………..great tasting cranberry

  44. Barbara Torris wrote on :

    You know what? Cranberries in a can is preferred by many people. Relax and enjoy the day. Good food tops any “requirements”. If people don’t eat this or that just don’t acknowledge their choices. We all have our preferences and need to be allow to enjoy what we want and not take a serving of what we don’t.

    Be well and enjoy your day.


  45. lisa thurman wrote on :

    I agree! don’t stress out…serve it! Enjoy your day with loved ones!! Make some memories.

  46. Carole Egler wrote on :

    sure . Open both ends and slide on to a pretty plate and slice it .Then put it out with a fancy serving piece. It will look faulous!

  47. marilyn kleinberg wrote on :

    Thanks to all the gurus for your answers. You all have given me alot to think about,This is a fab resource which I will use again.

  48. Rosemarie Sussex wrote on :

    Just make sure the red wine is at room temp and the white wine is chilled and no on will care if it’s canned. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  49. Julie Talmadge wrote on :

    Yes, but there are also many great recipies for home made cranberry sauce and it’s very simple. I agree with the others, and remember that they’ll all be looking at the turkey!

  50. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with serving canned cranberry sauce. My aunt refuses to eat anything but. When we get done, half the canned is gone and she only takes one slice.

  51. Renee Murphy wrote on :

    Its ok to use canned cranberries, but why bother. Fresh cranberries taste so much better & take a few minutes to prepare. All it takes is 1 c sugar 1 c water & 1 bag of cranberries. Cook until they pop. Cook them the night before. If you don’t like them but want the color, I make a cranberry salad too. Grind cranberrys pour 1.c sugar over the top let sit over night. Stir in 1 1/2 cup of whipping cream or I container of cool whip, I can of drained crushed pineapple, & 2 c mini marshmellows. I love this colorful salad & it tastes great too.
    Have a great thanksgiving.

  52. veritas2011 wrote on :


  53. Debbie Martin wrote on :

    I think it’s perfectly “OK” to serve canned cranberries, especially when there are children at the meal, and for some people, canned is the “only” cranberry sauce. But why not serve a more creative, homemade cranberry relish along with the canned to offer a choice?

  54. Val Orosa wrote on :

    Of course it’s ok to use canned cranberry sauce. It is much to hard to make anyway. We have used the canned in our family for at least 3 generations and the family looked forward to it. Sometimes simple is best.

  55. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    I just read a great essay in the Thanksgiving issue of Southern Living. The author stated it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at their home without that “swoosh” of the cranberry coming out of the can! It really made me giggle, as my family has been using canned cranberry since I was born and I’m 66 years old now! There’s no yes-or-no here. Do what is convenient for you. Please remember that Thanksgiving is about getting together with family and friends and counting our blessings. Too much emphasis on the food negates the entire purpose of the day. btw, Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn, and many “swooshes” to come!

  56. arlene satz wrote on :

    Yes, but why would you when it’s so simple to make a great cranberry relish. Just purchase a bag of whole cranberries, a organic navel orange and less than a 1/2 cup of sugar. Clean berries & orange, cut orange(w/peel) into 8ths, place in a food processer grind to chunky consistency, place in refrigerator and add sugar to taste. We like it tart. So easy and so good.

  57. Jyl Ferris wrote on :

    Some people prefer it. I agree with sussexr about presentation. But you can’t imagine how easy it is to make from scratch. See the video:http://bit.ly/ucf3pY

  58. Robin Richards wrote on :

    Only serve it out of desperation. If you have to serve it, dress it up as described by sussexr. I would be looking for an easy cranberry relish recipe. There are many great recipe websites. Check out Foodnetwork.com, cooking.com, or do a search for easy cranberry relish recipes.

  59. Cathy Buckwalter wrote on :

    Why not? It’s delicious (either the smooth or whole berry)…and why is this even a question? If some people are critical about how you do Thanksgiving, then don’t invite them…it’s “Thanks”-giving….NOT “Gimme”-giving nor “No Thanks”-giving.

  60. gerdi scheffler wrote on :

    I think it is perfectly fine to servce canned cranberry. Ocean Spray jellied cranberrg with whole cranberry really tastes good. Just put it in a pretty serving dish and do not try to pass it off as a secret family recipe 🙂

  61. Orelle Jackson wrote on :

    I think it’s okay to serve canned cranberry especially if that is part of your family’s tradition. Another quick and easy option is the cranberry and orange relish from Trader Joe. While I love the made from scratch options, spending more time with your loved ones is what Thanksgiving is all about. Happy Thanksgiving!

  62. Joan Ross wrote on :

    I read everyone’s post. My goodness, life is so short. Sure it is okay to serve canned cranberry sauce. The company is really what counts and it’s a blessing to be able to have food on the table and share it!

  63. Marcia Reed wrote on :

    I love it! I actually prefer it. I agree with sussexr; make it pretty!

  64. Jane Hardin wrote on :

    Absolutely…but you can always embellish it by adding nuts, orange peel, etc to give it a homemade touch. Put it in a really nice glass dish and no one will care!

  65. Debbie Sorg wrote on :

    Absolutely! Of course there are wonderful recipes for other cranberry sides, but with all the cooking you already have to do, I think it’s fine!

  66. Colleen Tannenbaum wrote on :

    Sure! We love Ocean Spray whole cranberries mixed with mandarin oranges (also canned). Always a favorite.

  67. norma torres wrote on :

    You can, but it is so easy to make fresh. Follow instructions on the bag for easiest solution.

  68. Victoria Salti Wilson wrote on :

    Actually I am going to respectfully disagree with my fellow F.O.F.’s. I think it depends on whether your guests are to acusromed to canned food. If they prefer home made that would be the courteous & considerate choice. Thanksgiving only comes once a year, make it a good one for them.

    Personally, I like both & I would serve both unless I were certain my guests liked canned.

  69. Michelle Davidson wrote on :

    Why not – I do! Better to spend the time on making family favorites.

  70. DawnMarie Helin wrote on :

    Yes, absolutely it is. If you’re worried about presentation, you ca either take the advice noted already, or mix a can of jellied cranberry with whole cranberries, mix in some grated orange rind and place in a beautiful dish.

  71. Cathy Barrow wrote on :

    I suppose it’s OK, but why? For whole cranberry sauce, just take a cup of sugar and a cup of water, bring to a boil, add the cranberries and continue boiling and cook until the cranberries pop – about 5 minutes. Cool. There’s your cranberry sauce. If you want to get fancy, stir in toasted walnuts or pecans, add orange zest or orange liqueur (Grand Marnier!), or try this raspberry-cranberry conserve from my website. http://www.mrswheelbarrow.com/2011/11/raspberry-cranberry-pecan-conserve-for-thanksgiving/

  72. Mary Gobbo wrote on :

    I strongly believe we need to eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of pre-packaged and canned foods from our diet, and substitute real, natural foods for health purposes. That being said, why not make your life simpler on Thanksgiving – after all, how often are you going to serve cranberries, and if it is expected, go ahead and used canned. Fresh cranberries, though, are a good choice to add to your diet on an ongoing manner, prepared without added sugar…enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow FOF sisters!

  73. Sandra Rittenhouse wrote on :

    Of course it is okay. Not everyone has the time to start from scratch on big festive meals. If you used canned, I would suggest upping the presentation by cutting the cranberry into manageable chunks and then placing in a serving bowl that you have lined with edible greens…lettuces, herbs or bitter green leaves.

  74. Debbie Nye wrote on :

    canned cranberries are fine. I would slice the canned jel into disks and maybe use a cookie cutter shape to enhance the look, (such as a star or a heart etc).

  75. Rosemarie Sussex wrote on :

    I think it’s fine to serve canned, but serve it artfully. Use a colorful plate and arrange on a bed of greens, or slice an orange in half and then thinly slice and arrange around the sliced cranberry sauce. Sprinkle some candied walnuts on top.

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