Hi ladies – I’m working on a story for the site and I’m looking for gift ideas for gardeners. Is there anything gardening related you’d love to get this year?

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35 Answers

  1. dbspeanut wrote on :

    Gif certificate to my favorite nurseries to get quality plants, etc.

  2. dbspeanut wrote on :

    Gift certificates to my favorite nurseries so I can buy plants, etc.

  3. marni wrote on :

    Seeds….good seeds like hostas, or some other interesting perennials….I just watched a video on how to start seeds with the paper towel method…it was so simple, maybe something like that could be sent with the seeds?

  4. Stable Mom 54 wrote on :

    I would like a wide brimmed hat that wont blow off in the wind. A fence to keep deer out of my garden. Gift certificate.

  5. elisse wrote on :

    Help! Physical help with the heavy garden work so my hubs wouldn’t have to struggle with it, & someone who has a heavy duty tiller to loan us for a day or two, so I can finally put a field of sunflowers in an abandoned lot that I’ve wanted to do for 10 years… Is there a gift certificate for that? 😉

  6. deereemp wrote on :

    I would love to get a composter.

    • Hawklady wrote on :

      I am still making my way around this site and found this wonderful thread. I LOVE gardening. At my house there is an interesting dynamic as I love gardens that are lush and spill out of their boundaries a bit. Flowers draping casually over the side of the planter. I am an artist and think like one. My husband is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and lifetime pilot. He thinks in a very meticulous and orderly manner. So we are always at odds. The gift I would like is for me to find a way to marry our esthetic . So any suggestions would be great.

  7. Ruby Barton wrote on :

    Gardening during the Spring season is one of my favorite activitivities, and one
    of the things every gardener needs are a good pair of gardening gloves.

  8. Peggy Lanman wrote on :

    I agree with the others….new gardening gloves are always nice. Love the heavy duty ones for roses. Sharp pruners are always appreciated and some sort of solar lights or yard decorations are fun.

  9. Jane NC wrote on :

    If you’re a rose person like me, a gift certificate to a rose maintenance company would be a dream gift! Witherspoon Roses does this for me here in NC – I just get them to spray- which is the the task I dislike the most, but you can get them to do everything if you wish, How about that – a rose garden with all the benefits & no work! The price can add up, but roses bloom longer than any other flower- I still had roses here for Xmas & they start in April. It’s so wonderful to always have fresh flowers in the house & be able to give them away also.

  10. soap wrote on :

    From Gardeners Supply Co. a rolling tractor scoot. http://www.gardeners.com/Deluxe-Tractor-Scoot/40-131,default,pd.html

  11. RitaMimi King wrote on :

    A little garden trolley, a set with nail brush, good quality moisturizing hand cleaning soap and lotion for gardeners, a gardening diary, a foam kneeler, garden tools with foam padded handles, a nice garden apron/hand towel set for outdoors, a great broad brim sun hat, comfortable plastic clogs to kick on and off

  12. Margaret Pflug wrote on :

    I can’t think of a gardener who wouldn’t love to get a gift certificate to a local or online plant nursery or a promise to help for a few hours to planting, weeding or spreading mulch.

  13. Mary Caliendo wrote on :

    A gardener! Just kidding! Convertable chair/kneeler so tired knees & back can sit too!

  14. deestea wrote on :

    Due to arthritis in my hands, I think I would like a very handsome, 30something, gardener with six-pack abs 🙂 A girl can dream at any age!

  15. Robin Caracino wrote on :

    One of those portable seats, some come with wheels and storage beneath the seat. Also, if they have an orchard wind chimes can discourage the birds from eating the fruit.

  16. Donna Laskey wrote on :

    There are two basic staples that every gardener can’t live without:
    Gloves – must be thin and last longer than a month…lol.
    Pruners – must stay sharp longer than one month….lol.
    Beyond that, the gift that would “wow” me would be a year’s supply of fertilizers. I spend enormous amounts of money of fertilizers/food for plants and grass. My palm trees need one type, bougainvillas, another, ixoras yet a different type, and so forth.

  17. Janice Mehler wrote on :

    My all-time favorite garden tool is a heavy-duty Trake. I’m not endorsing a brand, but here are a couple of websites that show Trakes: http://www.amazon.com/Rumford-Gardener-GPT1004-Trowelator-Digging/dp/B004SICAHG/ref=sr_1_2?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1324395005&sr=1-2 and http://www.gardenshoponline.com/catalog/trake-p-190.html

  18. Dindy904 wrote on :

    I would love a gardening apron to protect my clothes, and that had some deep pockets for clippers etc….in a solid colored fabric…and not too heavy for summer !

  19. dolfce15@yahoo.com wrote on :

    easy to use garden tools.

  20. SunshineGoddess wrote on :

    I would love to receive another EarthBox. My husband gave me an EarthBox Organic Ready-to-Grow Kit this spring, and was able to grow the best tomatoes of my life. Who knew a self-watering container would make such a difference!

    • Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

      Delighted to see another EarthBox devotee! I too find them incredible and I now have two. I grow herbs in mine and I was shocked to find the largest and bushiest herbs I’ve ever grown!

  21. Jamison Kaufman wrote on :

    my dream right now is to ‘highlight’ the yard at night with solar lights in the garden and lighting up the huge oaks on the property. I have lots of bird feeders, but keeping the birdbath clean of algae is always a challenge….any thoughts? 🙂

  22. Greenwoman wrote on :

    I agree with Kathy that it would be delightful to discover a TimeLapseCam under my tree this year. The one I long for is used for both recording animals (including people) in action and shooting time lapse photography of flowering plants. Here is a link, Lina, if you would like to learn more for your article http://www.naturehills.com, or contact me to get in touch with their PR rep for high res photos and more info. I am not being paid for this endorsement. Saw this product in action at the most recent Garden Writer’s conference and was really impressed.

  23. Shelley Sparks wrote on :

    I am looking at my hands and wishing for the best hand cream ever so that they will look good for the holidays. Next I would like a surprise seed or bulb present. I am so careful about what I put in my garden, surprises offer me flexibility.

    • Stable Mom 54 wrote on :

      Do you wear gloves? I do and before I put them on the first time I slather my hands with a good quality leather conditioner my hands stay callus free and moist. I wear my cloves almost all day every day. We have a small farm with chicken and horses,so I do a lot of chores plus gardening.

  24. Kathie Fuston wrote on :

    I love Fiskars tools and gadgets for gardening. They have a lovely website, too!

  25. melissa soucy wrote on :

    I would love a Mantil tiller with all the attachments, and a gift certificate to my favorite gardening store

  26. rotubre wrote on :

    Over the years I have subscribed to numerous gardening magazines and have donated them to various gardening organizations to share with their members. But, due to economic conditions, I have had to cancel my subscriptions. However, if I had to choose my favorite one that I would love to receive it would be Garden Gate. I enjoy this magazine immensely. Just finished reading their December issue and sad this is the last one.

  27. necoop wrote on :

    Pots! With saucers! All sizes! I never seem to have enough. House plants need repotting regularly, and I propagate plants and give them away as gifts, so pots perform a continual disappearing act from my gardening cottage.

  28. Kylee Baumle wrote on :

    Good gardening gloves are always a great gift. Even the best pair wears out eventually and I like to keep several pairs handy. H. Potter has some wonderful little terrariums that would make a fabulous gift, especially if it’s presented planted. And there are always new gardening books being published that any gardener would love. Michael Dirr’s “bible” on trees and shrubs has just been released and is fabulous, as expected.

  29. Kathy Allen wrote on :

    Gloves take a beating in my garden, so I’m always in need of a new pair. Bird seed is a wonderful gift. My dream gift is an animal cam.

  30. Cheryl Wait wrote on :

    I would love to receive the Plow and Hearth Heavy duty hand cream set, or some new Felco or Fiskars pruners. Also gardening books I can look through and read throughout the winter. Seed sets, and pre-potted bulbs are also fun. Of course, gift cards so the gardener can get exactly what they want work also, but I love giving and receiving a gift I know has feeling and thought put into it. I love gift cards too, but there is something special about opening a gift someone spent time, thought and care on, in purchasing/making and then wrapping and giving. Looking forward to your story!

  31. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    Something to sharpen pruners, hoes and other garden tools. A great pair of gloves. A trowel where the handle is integrated with the blade so that the handle doesn’t come off or break off. Someone who’ll commit a couple of hours in the spring to help me get things turned over; and someone who’ll commit a couple of hours in the early fall to help me plant spring flowering bulbs.

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