Would love to hear what your favorite travel accessory is.

Looking for interesting items to possibly add to our FOF shop.

8 Answers

  1. Helen Kenney-Poore wrote on :

    Amy Butler by Kalencom makes the best hanging make up/toiletry travel bag. Would never travel without it.

  2. Honeyspoilsme wrote on :

    Definately a Pashmina Shawl! Folds away easily in my travel bag, works as a great (and clean!) blanket on the plane, is a life saver for my neck/head during cold weather going from the airport to the hotel, and then serves as a light coverup for evening.

    • Maci Berkeley wrote on :

      I would say the same – a black Pashmina works for everything and ties easily around your waist to free both hands for luggage.

  3. Diana Zottman wrote on :

    A large lightweight cardi-wrap like the one sold by BCBG. I can use it as a blanket, to dress up an outfit, to keep me warm, add a dash of color and still pack it away in an overstuffed bag.

  4. sharon avnon wrote on :

    Thank you very much!

  5. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    A large scarf! I tie it to my purse, use it around my neck – ascot style or otherwise – and it’s always handy when it’s cold or windy. I just can’t travel without one!

  6. Barrier Barrier wrote on :

    A crossover purse that has a pocket on the outside for my travel documents. Can’t travel without one.

  7. styleosophy wrote on :

    I carry costume jewelry when I travel-I just love to accessorize! I usually carry a hard, clamshell eyeglass case with all my jewelry in it (similar to this one, http://bit.ly/uC5ITv). Because it’s an eyeglass case, it goes right in my carry-on or purse whenever I travel. Drawbacks: my necklaces tend to get tangled up.
    Recently I came across the Closette Travel Jewelry Case, http://bit.ly/tbNGmx. I am going to “gift” it to myself as it seems to be able to suit my traveling jewelry much better. The protectors are interchangeable and the case is slim. I can’t wait to get one and test it out.

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