What is your favorite way to celebrate the many spiritual aspects of the winter holidays?

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  1. avonlady wrote on :

    I love to sirt and watch the flickering candles and think of all the happy things about the holidays. Love watching the snow glitter in the sunshine in the mountains. LOve the amber glow of the fireplace. Twinkling lights. All of these things give a warm and cozy feeling. It’s the little things that light up my Christmas.

  2. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    We are not church goers and are, in fact, agnostic; however, I love decorating our Christmas tree with angels I’ve collected over the last 50 years. There is a degree of comfort I get from knowing this tradition continues after all this time. My best friend is a monk I’ve know for decades and his Christmas letter is one I await each Season. He doesn’t emphasize the religious aspect of the Holiday but, instead, focuses on the ways we can all take the kindness and generosity of the Season and translate it into our everyday lives the whole year through.

  3. jaycee2001 wrote on :

    As a neo-pagan, I celebrate the myth with an alter, an honoring of the Solstice, and–yes–going to Mass with my husband and son (I am officially Catholic). Because, to me, it is not so much honoring a Christian ritual, but the story. The tree, the meal, the ritual is important to re-connect to the divine aspects of our own being.

  4. penmore wrote on :

    I like to create original rituals inspired by indigenous traditions to celebrate the solstice, the longest night of the year. This year, I will invite loved ones to sit with me in a dark room illuminated by only one candle. We will meditate or maybe share what this season of darkness calls us to, perhaps more rest or some new endeavor that needs to be incubated. Then we will light a candle each from the central candle and take it home with us to remind us of this dark night together and perhaps to gradually use it to add one more candle each night as we move into longer days and the blossoming of our intentions and energy. I think with all the busyness and distractions of modern life we forget these beautiful ancestral patterns. Let’s pause and remember the pleasures of long nights in the cave together and the amazing gift of sunlight.

  5. cjgolden wrote on :

    Our family gathers together one one of the nights (if not more) of Chanukah and let the joy of the lighting of the candles fill our hearts and souls. If someone can’t be with us, we light our own candles while in communication on the phone. The holidays are about tradition – not presents and glitz in my mind.

    • Greenwoman wrote on :

      What a beautiful way to honor and remember! Thank you for sharing. Pam

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