I love “The Look for Less” feature on FOF, can we have more? It’s so good for us visual people to compare the combinations.

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  1. Sherrie Mathieson wrote on :

    Buy the best you can afford. Collect accessories that you can depend on for years to come. They will come handy to creating a style that defines you as well as mimicking a look you wish to recreate by investing in trends.

  2. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    Yes of course…..i love throwing in a few ” cheat ” pieces ” to some of my really classic good ones. Mall shopping is always a place to find a good cheat… go to style.com and see what the designers are showing and you can be sure to find them alreafy knocked off at the mall….. happy hunting… thats the fun part too… the hunt!!!!!!!

  3. Mary Montgomery wrote on :

    It is good. When you that Just Right Look or Combination, something clicks and you just know it can work for you. Style Magazine has great combo pages too.

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