One of the main reasons I joined FOF was because it was supposed to be for over fifty women. However, EVERY photo and ad on the sidebar today are of supermodels or very young women. Can anyone tell me why? And what is with the FabOverForty sites? If I wanted that I would have gone there.

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  1. Elle Shapiro wrote on :

    I love the fact that FOF offers me age appropriate health information, etc but as far as fashion, beauty, style – I’m OK with seeing a variety of looks and styles. I teach with many 20-somethings, 30-somethings, on up to me – one of the ‘oldies’ in the school. I love seeing the adventurous styles of the younger teachers. It had never occurred to me to wear a shirt hanging out or 15 bangle bracelets mixed with a great watch. How about wearing stripes and florals together or brightly colored cuffed pants and heels.

    It’s funny how I’ve been adventuresome in my home decorating and gardening but stuck to the same personal fashion basics that represented my generation. Anyone remember Villager and Ladybug? Everything had to match and coordinate and the turtleneck was my go-to item.

    If FOF posted 20 photos of over-60’s from this site, myself included, I’m sure we’d see huge differences in looks and styles. My joy at turning 60 is a wonderful sense of freedom. I can focus on what makes me feel good and happy, regardless of my age…and wearing shoes that are comfortable and good for walking/wearing all day! Yeah Dansko and Lands End.

  2. Cynthia Johnston wrote on :

    You posted this some time ago, but I just stumbled across. And I have to agree. Every time I see those ads I think the EXACT same thing. I’ll bet we all do. You spoke up for all of us, so I thank you. And while we’re on the subject, what’s with the clothing sites for over 50s that use ultra-thin 20-year old models? Really??? I never purchased from them. Why should I if I have no idea how the clothing looks on a real person?

  3. LateBloomerBeauty wrote on :

    Hi VJ, I realize that you posted this in January, but as an older (ancient? haha) mother– of a six-year-old, it is difficult to find enough hours in the day to run a business, chase after my kid AND peruse the internet. However, when I saw your posting, I felt compelled to respond as I have been a professional model for over thirty years and thought I could answer, at least part of your question. Although I can’t respond about the FabOverForty sites, I can answer your question regarding “EVERY photo and ad on the sidebar today are of supermodels or very young women.” While I agree with with linaperl that they are there to bring more traffic to the website, the problem, from my viewpoint, is with the advertising industry. When I was in my forties, I continued to enjoy working with clients who were beginning to embrace the idea of older models, and although I’ve worn my fair share of holiday sweaters with mittens, snowmen or reindeer hanging off of my chest, I also have worn great stylish clothes in More and Oprah. However, when I hit my fifties, I noticed a marked delineation in how advertisers viewed women who had reached that half-century benchmark and it wasn’t pretty. While I am commended for my decision to leave my hair color in its now natural “silver” state, I am mildly amused that so many women I know comment on my courage, as if a head of gray signals to the world that I’m closer than they are to kicking the bucket. I think this attitude represents an underlying pathology about aging–while we desire to be heard and seen, we are also conflicted. Gray hair, wrinkles and shifting body weight signal an end to our viability, and thus desirability…or so the perception goes. As poseyt so aptly comments, “we new 50’s aren’t gonna take it anymore…” If more women questioned the prevailing perception of what women in their 50’s desire, like you have , VJ, and voiced their concerns, I believe we could turn the tide. After all, at more than 40,000,000, we are a force to be reckoned with and the momentum of our collective voice, fueled by the heat of our hot-flashes, will wreak havoc on the media’s current perception of us.

  4. Cathy Ross wrote on :

    Chico’s and Coldwater Creek are two sites that have great,stylish clothes for us.

  5. Geri Brin wrote on :

    Hi VJ
    Those photos are sponsored links and not integral parts of the site,


    • Hawklady wrote on :

      First let me say that I am delighted that there are sites for those of us over 50 or even 60 as I am. I go to the 40 sites too because VJ is correct, try searching for clothing for mature women and you will find items that look like they belong on my 90 year old mother-in-law. We boomers are the largest group and we need to stand up and be counted but Geri needs advertisements to support this site. I think it is probably up to us to tell retailers we want to see more models our age. I would also like to see more tips on dressing well. I would recommend a website for “the makeover guy” he is a hoot and has some great makeovers and tips.

  6. Karen Canning-Millar wrote on :

    Hi VJ. I understand your point of view in expecting a site for women fifty and over to feature fifty and over ads. I surmise the reason FOF showcases ads featuring younger women is to attract traffic. Personally, I think it would be interesting FOF take a stand and market only to their audience, yet I admit… I kinda like to see what women are wearing and doing… whatever the age.

    • Vera Brasher wrote on :

      I do understand the need to advertise to bring traffic. I guess I just don’t understand how it all works. If they are on the site already wouldn’t they be here because it is for women over 50?
      And perhaps just a couple of ads. On the day I questioned, everyone of the ads were of and for younger women.
      I also like to see what younger women are wearing. And I do. Everywhere I look. Magazines. Newspapers. Store ads. They are everywhere. But I don’t see many, well any, of women over 50.
      Maybe I was just having a bad day. I really do love this site. Geri’s blog, especially.

    • Geri Brin wrote on :

      Hi again VJ. Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

      Fondly, Geri

    • Karen Canning-Millar wrote on :

      It is disheartening to know that there is so little representation of our age group. I like “More”… targeted for women over 40, but I still want… forgive the pun… more!

    • shellyleer wrote on :

      I agree. I want to see and read more about REAL life over 50’s. Even if “we” aren’t model beauties or able to take advantage of the great cosmetic procedures. Authentic 50 women, staying fit, dressing smart, and making the most of the second half. I love this site too. I think it could expand to more discussions, forums, people posting things, etc., a real interactive community.

    • Posey Thomson wrote on :

      I do think you were having a bad day….but on the up side….I agree with you in regards to seeing younger women on an over 50 web site is annoying to say the least. Women over 50 are in the majority now and yet we have no real identity….There are few women 50 and over that appear in fashion magazines as a norm. I hate looking for clothes…..it’s either they are too young looking or too old looking…..there is no fashion per say, showing a woman over 50 how to dress for everyday, work,play etc. I guess we all just died or something!! It’s no wonder I get laughs from my daughter’s….I used to be such a fashion statement but I have no idea anymore what the rules are. It’s about time that the fashion business take note. We new 50’s aren’t gonna take it any more…..we want style just like our younger counterparts. Is the fashion industry doing so well that they don’t need to answer to our age group? I guess you don’t exist in the fashion world unless you are under 40…….it is really sad.

  7. Lina Perl wrote on :

    Hi VJ – I’m one of the editors at Faboverfifty. The photos on the style blog sidebar are part of a marketing program that brings traffic to the site. They are not stories from the site, nor are they intended to represent Faboverfifty women! They do, however, help bring lots of new women to our site and have been a valuable traffic source for us. I’m not sure what you mean by the FabOverForty sites? We do link to one site called FabOverforty, because it’s a great source for makeup tips from an (almost) FOF woman. Best, The Editors

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