I noticed juliana Margolis wearing a Peplum jacket on The Good Wife the other night. Is this style in fashion right now?

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  1. Suzanne Shahan wrote on :

    You mean ‘peplum’ the style, not ‘peplum’ the fabric, correct?

  2. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    I never knew they went out of style! I’ve been seeing them on ladies on the best dressed lists for years now. I do know, however, that your figure better be one like Margoulies or you simply look fat!

  3. Mary Montgomery wrote on :

    I would say we’re going to see a lot of outfits and accessories in this fabric in 2012. Fashion just like everything else is cyclical. Every twenty years or so designers bring back a cut, color, fabric or style that was very popular way back when. if you see it on the hot television shows you’ll see it in stores. American’s will want it and the retail giants know it.

  4. PattyBuccellato wrote on :

    It sure is, Lina! Though that’s not to say it’ll flatter every woman equally. Fashion always repeats itself (in some variation of its original form), and as others have mentioned, it’s the peplum’s time to reappear.

    While the peplum feature — in coat, jacket, or even vest — can understate a tummy or full hips, it does require a body with some degree of a waistline to truly carry it well. In that case, it’ll further define and emphasize its wearer’s waist while adding a flirty, feminine feel to any look. Wear it in business with a skirt; for casual with leggings or jeans; or as a dress in social settings, like this http://bit.ly/David_Meister_peplum

    Consider length of the peplum(ed)-garment for flatter factor. Petite women, in particular, will want to be mindful that the peplum doesn’t fall too low on the body. More, here, on the trend featured in Glamour.com’s list of the “14 most wearable trends” of Fall 2011: http://bit.ly/Refined_Images_peplums


  5. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    yes !!!! the seventies are back , although i see alot of everything this year…. you may not want to invest too much moey in this look so i suggest you wl l find alot of these i authentic pieces in second hand retail stores. Or,,,, try buying a newer version and cost effective at Zara…..enjoy…. blast from the past

  6. arlene satz wrote on :

    Amzaing how style comes full circle. I recall back in the early 70’s making a designer suit, in pink with a peplum jacket and a friend’s mother made me a lovely black & white print blouse. Loved that suit. And yes, they are back!

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