i hope there is someone that can help me, i was injured on my job, found out i have two blood clots in my femural artery, i am trying to find out what i can eat, anything with Vit. K is not allowed, losing weight, checked alot of websites, what can i eat and be safe, thank you

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9 Answers

  1. sharynfireman wrote on :

    see a doctor.

  2. Longhornmom wrote on :

    All the greens (collard, mustard, spinach) are high in Vit. K. Asparagus, onions, broccoli. The USD has a great list with serving size and amount. I use it when teaching patient who are on the blood thinners like Coumadin or Lovenox.

  3. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    I am assuming you are on Coumadin??? The idea is to always remain consistent. It is just not food but also dietary supplements. Many herbals can affect coumadin . Vitamin E and Fish oil can also affect blood clotting. Some vitamins including calcium supplements have added Vitamin K for bone health. Some MDs will allow these dietary supplements as long as you take the same amount every day. Check with your Physician.

    The first you will hear is to avoid green leafy vegetables since they are high in Vit K but you want a salad. Use Iceberg lettuce instead (which shows you how devoid of nutrients it is 🙂 Just avoid the other greens like spinach, collards, kale, brussel sprouts, etc. I actually had a client who ate 1/2 c of green leafy vegetables every day which was fine BECAUSE she did it everyday.

    There is also a debate about cranberry juice. If in doubt avoid unless you drink the same amount everyday. Also avoid alcohol.

    • Patricia Assanowicz wrote on :

      thank you very much you helped me alot, have a great day.

    • Patricia Assanowicz wrote on :

      thank you, the only vitimans i take are folic acid 1600 mg a day, that was from a doctor i saw in the beginning, also a B Complex that is all i take, this can get confusing to me at times, i am scared at times learning about the clots and what not to eat, so your info. is very helpful, i am going to see a doctor concerning the food i can and cannot eat this week, have a great day and thanks very much for your help. getting over the fear is a big part right now.

    • jmbecker47@hotmail.com wrote on :

      make sure you have the best doctor and start there. While I think most of the reply’s are great, have someone who you trust a nutrition expert and see what they advise. Good luck

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