how do i become a tester

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  1. JunieB wrote on :

    As Linaperl already gave you the answers I just want to add that I did win a weekly competition & won the best product I have used in years (the brazilian peel) so don’t feel like you won’t win(I never win anything usually!) I have just signed up for the new beauty club which is a great deal & you will get 2 products to test a year guaranteed! Great deal!!

  2. Lina Perl wrote on :

    Hi there! There are two main ways to test beauty products for Faboverfifty. One is to enter our weekly Wednesday contests, in which we invite women to test products. Here is this week’s: http://faboverfifty.com/content/style-blog/?p=18925

    If you want to be guaranteed a product to test, join the FOF beauty club, and receive 1-2 prestige products to test each year: http://faboverfifty.com/shop/beauty/fof-beauty-club

    Hope that helps! Best, Lina (FOF Editor)

    • Arlene Levinson wrote on :

      Hi Lina,
      Everytime I try to sign in I get a warning tha my login name is already being used but it won’t let me sigin in, what’s up? Thanks, Arlene

    • Lina Perl wrote on :

      Hi there – are you talking about trying to sign in for the shop or the website? If you’re posting this than you are already signed in to the website.

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