I am a new small business owner. I started a cosmetic skincare business based on Argan Oil. I have 3 face creams , 2 body lotions, and scented Argan Oil, and a Spa Line. I am online, have Facebook and Twitter. I am having difficulty promoting the products (have Adwords with Google),and selling.

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  1. Beyondbeauty wrote on :

    Reach out to bloggers to help get the word out. What is your Facebook page?

    • Daphne Nassif wrote on :

      i’m planning to start a blog…Margania is my facebook page

  2. DrPaulette wrote on :

    Start a blog! Talk about your products and maybe ask people who have tried your products to comment on your blog!

  3. Liz Alexander wrote on :

    There are two issues here, both inter-connected. First, you need to be discoverable (i.e., more — and the right — people need to know about you). Second, they need to care 🙂 You are in a crowded market, competing with many well-known brands – so the first thing you need to do is be clear on your unique differentiator. What is the biggest benefit to users of your product? What do your products offer that they can’t get elsewhere? Think about this from the purchaser’s perspective, not your own. What values might they hold that you can tap into (as Anita Roddick did when she launched her Body Shop products)? Then, when you know what your marketing message is and understand where your target audience congregates, I’d suggest that instead of relying on general Facebook or Twitter or Google Adwords, you establish online relationships with key influencers — by which I mean those people who are already having conversations (and are influential with) your prospective clientele.

    Of course, yours is an experiential product line…so what can you do locally that provokes word-of-mouth — so that delighted users can spread the message via their own networks?

    You need to differentiate yourself, and maybe instead of trying to reinvent the wheel you might do some market research on how folks who are not direct competitors (maybe they market a food product, for example) successfully promote and sell their products? Or how a brand you can relate to and admire has carved a strong niche for themselves.

    Lots to think about and do. But exciting, yes? Good luck!

  4. Kathi Elster wrote on :

    You have to get customers addicted to your products, so find groups and associations that are willing to have you give free samples to their members. Also, send free samples to the press, women’s magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows. Publicity will drive traffic to your website.

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