Where can you adopt a pet cat/dog in San antonio, TX. NW area. What cats do not shed? If any. Dogs?

3 Answers

  1. agsanchez wrote on :

    Here’s a list of small dog breeds that are low shedders:

  2. Eileen Davis wrote on :

    I don’ live anywhere near San Antone, but do know my cats —- I would recommend a Siamese, Burmese or Abyssinian. They are very beautiful and have fur that is not as thick as domestic cats —- hence less shedding. Be sure to adopt two, not one, as they will keep each other company. Best luck to you!

  3. Jzmtazz wrote on :

    Hi, they have a Humane Society adoption center in San Antonio. Also, if you have a Petsmart store in your city, they have adoption fairs usually on Saturdays. There is only one breed of cat that does not shed, I don’t recall the breed name, but they are hairless and look like Egyptian cats. I’m not much of an expert on dogs, but there are some that minimally shed. Contact the Humane Society or a local vet and they can tell you. Please do adopt a pet, and you will not only it a home, but you will receive an endless amount of unconditional love.

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