HELP! I need to find a good work out-outside of the gym.

Thanks kalee123

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  1. Diane Mary wrote on :

    Google TTapp! I love it and lost 9 inches the 1st week

  2. kalee123 wrote on :

    Thanks everyone, but due to my back the best excersize apart from sex! is walking. I’m upto 8 city blocks a day, but no sex yet!!!!!

  3. Annette Brown wrote on :

    I suggest getting out on some hikes/walks with a Meetup group. There are all kinds of free hiking/walking groups on Meetup.com, just type in your city and search for hiking or walking groups. Their calendars are full of interesting hikes/walks and many groups have recurring weekly hikes — the best part is you feel more compelled to go knowing others will be there so you’re more likely to keep doing it!

  4. Andrea Lawley wrote on :

    I agree with you; outside the gym is the way to go! My acreage and garden is the place where I spend hours of happy, peaceful and most creative times. Lots of it! You have no idea how wonderful you will feel doing this on a regular basis; inside and out! Enjoy!

  5. Kwendy wrote on :

    Check out body rock.tv
    It’s a great site to workout at home. Start at your own level.

  6. agsanchez wrote on :

    Cathe Freidrich offers fabulous and challenging cardio and strength training DVDs. Check them out at cathe.com. There’s also a friendly and supportive forum where Cathe interacts with users.

  7. PKW wrote on :

    I am a big Wii fit fan.. also like the rumba and Black Eye Pea Experience for Wii. I also have added two walk breaks during work. I walk 10-20 minutes in the morning and afternoon in downtown Houston. If the weather is too hot or rainy, I walk in the tunnels.

  8. Joanp wrote on :

    You can get a great workout at home with minimal equipment. For strength training, you need two sets of free weights – one light and one heavy (like 3 and 5# if you’re just starting out; or 5 and 8# if you’re more experienced) and a pair of 2 1/2- 3# ankle weights. Stretch bands and tubes, toning balls, the big stability ball add a lot of fun and diversity to the routine. Get a good book, like my Strength Training for Women or 15-Minute Total Body Workout DVD (which combines resistance exercises with cardio intervals) and you’re in business!

    • Danceswcooks wrote on :

      I just wanted to say I think you look amazing, Joanp…pretty hair and smile.

    • Joanp wrote on :

      You’re so kind – Thanks for making my day!

  9. wrote on :

    Read fitness magazines, go to Doctor Oz site.

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