I am traveling to the BVI with my significant other and three other couples..we will be on a sailboat and traveling port to port but probably will not have access to a hairdryer, etc. I still want to look nice on this trip, any tips for hair care while away? wardrobe? beauty tips?

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  1. nbongo wrote on :

    A good sunscreen of course (La Roche Posay’s line is good for also anti-aging), humidity- and water-proof makeup if needed (Makeup Forever’s foundation and eyeliner is great). I think air-drying your hair with a light spray tamer (Khiel’s, Aveda, etc), then up in a “messy low bun” would look great! Casual dresses are your friend day and night, and easy. If you’re stopping by Biras Creek for dinner, they’re a little more formal (for the Caribbean) so a nicer dress, or dress shorts and a nice top, sandals, and fun jewelry would do nicely. I find that Korres yogurt after-sun lotion is glorious for soothing and hydrating after a day in the sun! Have a great time on your trip 🙂

  2. Jane Hardin wrote on :

    Thanks everyone, I am back from my trip and took a lot of your suggestions…it was great!!

  3. katie novotny wrote on :

    I have been to the BVI sailing-so many times and I must say that no one cares about their hair or your hair. With that said, I will tell you that many boats have outlets that will handle a small hairdryer, but in the 20 years I have been sailing in the Carribbean, I have never taken a hair dryer. The other option as mentioned before would be to put it up in some sort of a hair clamp or tie. With the intense sun, I spend a great deal of time in a visor or hat and my hair pulled up because of the heat. The BVI is extremely casual, even at the nicer resorts and the most important thing is to relax and have fun.

  4. stella111 wrote on :

    The most important thing any woman can do when traveling is make sure you have plenty of waterproof mascara. In a pinch, you can get away without lipstick, without eyebrows, but if your eyelashes don’t really show up, you look invisible.

  5. Rebecca Barker wrote on :

    If this is a bare boat, sail it yourselves type of adventure, think of it as going to camp! Everyone starts out perfectly coifed, and by the end of the journey . . . well, let’s just say it’s a lot more casual. With regard to shoes, wear crocs or something that you’ll expect to get wet if you’re going to be anchoring offshore and have to negotiate a dinghy to get to the dock. Take the cute shoes in your purse! Souds like a great trip – cultivate the phrase “Aargh!” 🙂

    • Jane Hardin wrote on :

      Thanks again. I have been and am back and you are right! We had a great time and I lived with my wind blown locks and said “Aargh”

  6. Deborah Shade wrote on :

    Oh how i wish I could go too. First you don’t want to take any makeup that can melt, or heat sensitive hair products. When I lived at the beach I learned get a easy style hair cut that can wash and go. A really good stylist is required to do this right. Saltwater and wind can ruin the simplest of styles. For clothes keep it simple and take items you can mix and match. Then dress it up. A sun dress with flip flops by day can go a long way when you add heel and some nice jewelry at night. Oh and most important WATERPROOF MASCARA.

  7. Jane Hardin wrote on :

    Well ladies, I am now back from my trip and thanks again for your advice. I just lived with kind of wild hair for the week but it certainly didn’t stop my enjoyment of a great time and beautiful scenery. Now my next interest is boxing. I just started taking boxing lessons as another way to get fit. I am loving it…so all your FOF who might have never considered doing this, rethink your position. It is fun, it is challenging and the instructor is not bad to look at!

  8. doreen hicks wrote on :

    Hi there, Jane,
    I would recommend going au natural, a little gel to keep hair in place would help.
    Some hair accessories to fuss up the hair a bit to hold in placelike pony tail holders or bobby pins..you would look fab in any style you choose for those sultry nights. For the wardrobe, I would pack light. Maybe two pairs of pants,a pair of jeans or cropped jeans, a couple of shorts, maybe four mix and match tops and perhaps two casual dresses in case you want to see the town..remember to bring a jacket or sweater in case your chilly. Beauty tips, honey, you don’t need any…a little lipstick goes a long way..pinch the cheeks and off you go….Safe travels, my friend…

  9. Andrea Lawley wrote on :

    Do you remember the product that was available through FOF called 12 Benefits. It’s an Instant Healthy Hair Treatment in the first spray bottle and a second bottle called Rapid Blow Out. It was my pleasure to win these two products just before we left for three weeks in France on a riverboat cruise. Let me tell you, it was wonderful and I still love it. Half of our group traveling together were borrowing it, even the guys. Give it a try; you’ll just love it!

    • Rose Soriero wrote on :

      Hi Andy,
      I’m going bareboating also and was wondering where to purchase the products you mentioned. I couldn’t find it on the FOF website.
      Thanks ,

  10. Diane Mary wrote on :

    I would love the chance to wear those great floppy summer hats and even large scarves as a headwrap. Try getting your eyebrows and eyelashes dyed and groomed before you go so you wont need mascara or brow pencil. Have a great time!

  11. ashantia54 wrote on :

    Use a dry shampoo to make your hair style last longer. Then use products to piece your hair to style it.

  12. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    I love the BVIs, and have personally sailed there three times! Embrace the freedom this adventure will give you. I let my hair go WILD and it looked sexy! When I wanted some style, I brushed in a light gel and pulled it back and wore fun earrings. Bring a few swimsuits, sexy wraps and cute flip flops. You can purchase a cute water tight money holder with a strap to wear around your waist. Then you can jump in the water once you drop a lunch hook and swim to shore for a rum pain killer and sandwich. Use your wrap as a towel and take a snooze on the beach after lunch before swimming back to the boat. Have fun, embrace your freedom and celebrate sexy YOU.

    • Jane Hardin wrote on :

      Thanks Staness! I met you at the FOF event and bought your book..loaned it to a friend and must get it back!!

  13. ashantia54 wrote on :

    Use a dry shampoo to remove styling products. Then touch up hair with your usually styling products.

  14. Cubie131 wrote on :

    I took a similar trip not too long ago and I would look for products and wardrobe that multitasks. Simplify-you don’t want to have to put too much effort into looking great. A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, some bronzer that you can use for all over color, a tinted lip balm with spf, and a little waterproof mascara should take care of makeup needs. I would chose clothes that are functional, can be mixed and matched and dressed up with some accessories if you have a need to step things up a little. Functional shoes for the boat and some cute sandals for port and you should be all set. Also-sunscreen-the water reflects the sun’s rays and you can get a nasty burn quickly. Have a great time.

  15. Hawklady wrote on :

    How exciting! I’m sure you will have a great time. The combination of salt spray and sun can be very hard on hair. To keep it looking good use a good leave-in conditioner. Most of us wash our hair much more often than necessary and should only rinse thoroughly and use a conditioner most days. If your hair is long enough, wear cute headbands or scarfs to dress it up. A festive hat would look great at port. This season the maxi dress/skirts are very current and perfect for going a shore. On ship, shorts, swim suits and very casual attire is appropriate. Please protect yourself from the sun as it will be very direct. Relax about it and have fun!

  16. traceybrown wrote on :

    Hi Jane–

    Sounds like a great vacation!

    Without knowing the length and your hair type, it’s difficult to recommend products, but one solution that always works is a headband or a ponytail. Add your big glasses and you are good to go!

    I also recommend using a frizz-fighting hair product–a serum or leave in product that keeps your hair from doubling it’s size in the humidity.
    Try Living Proof, Ouidad or Phyto products — all found at Sephora.com
    Drugstore products that are great are John Freida and Smooth n Shine.

    For Beauty/makeup tips:

    1. A triple duty product like Miracle Skin Transformer (which I am in LOVE with) gives you color, spf protection and keeps your skin matte and perfected. They also make body products which I swear by for my legs (VEGAS BABY, that’s another story).

    2. Cheeks and lips– Use a cheek stain that double as a lip color and then top your lips with an spf lip balm. Try Vapour Beauty Cheek Stains (use code TraceyB for free shipping), http://www.vapourbeauty.com/Blush-Bronzers-and-Cheek-Makeup/Blush-Bronzers-and-Cheek-Makeup.asp

    3. A matte bronzer is also a great option — Try Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder . It will work as shadow, contour and keep shine at bay.

    4. Last but not least, a mattifying powder. Try TheBalm Sexy Mama translucent powder or Laura Geller Matte Maker.

    5. Oh, forgot this, I also love the lip lusters from Tarte. They moisturize and are lovely. Also the colored lip balms from Burt’s Bees or NYX. They are inexpensive and give you a healthy glow!

    6. For body perfection — also check out Perfekt Body Gel. This product is gorgeous. I have been using it on my bridal clients.

    Have a great time!

    • Jane Hardin wrote on :

      thanks! these are great suggestions…can I get all these products at Sephora?

    • traceybrown wrote on :

      Most at sephora. Vapour has its own website– http://www.vapourbeauty.com

      Burt’s Bees, NYX, John Freida and Smooth n shine at most drug stores. Laura Geller at beauty.com or laurageller.con


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