anyone have any experience with ulthera?

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  1. drjosie wrote on :

    Ulthera is an FDA approved device that uses ultrasound technology to heat the skin with the hopeful result of tightening it. It has some competitors on the market, the most widely known being Thermage, made by Solta Medical. A new comer on the radio frequency market in the United States is the Exilis device made by BTL industries. As we age, so does the collagen in the dermal layer of our skin, changing from a tight “slinky toy” type coil to one that is very stretched out, which contributes to our skin looking “looser”. All of these devices essentially do the same thing – they heat the tissues and cause collagen in the dermal layer to remodel and reassume the tight “slinky toy” coil again. Unfortunately, after about 12 months (or sooner if you expose the skin to UV rays, cigarette smoke and other toxins) the collagen will uncoil back to how it was prior to the treatment. Results are extremely variable, and all companies show only those photos to both the physicians they are selling these devices to and prospective patients on their web sites.

    A treatment area is usually one that is 5 ” by 7″ wide, and a series of treatments are required to get the benefits. You can expect to pay between $250 and $500 per treatment and per treatment area.

    I happen to own an Exilis device and some of my patients have had fantastic (although short term) results, and others have been exceedingly disappointed with their results as noted by my comment above “results are variable”. I generally combine these treatments with good skin care products, and injectable treatments to get the best overall results for my patients.

    • drjosie wrote on :

      Can you correct a line? I meant to say “Results are extremely variable and companies tend to show only the “dramatic or fantastic positive” results to both the physicians they are selling these devices to and prospective patients through all of their advertising materials.

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