Hi, I need some help finding a Beach Coverup that covers up my thighs while walking to the beach! I am self conscious in a skimpy coverup and don’t want to look sloppy in a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Deborah Shade wrote on :

    I go with one of the inexpensive sundresses like you find at Target or Walmart. Sometimes if your lucky I catch them on sale. Last year i got lucky and found a wrap dress that had a simple tie on the side. It was real easy on and off at the pool. The year before I went with one that had a few buttons up the front that way there was no tugging it on over the wet hair or the feeling that I was stripping in public. Just be careful of the color you get, you want something that can handle the chlorine and isn’t see through when wet.

  2. Jane Hardin wrote on :

    Girl, get a sarong or pareo! These things are made for great coverups and you can show off what you like and cover your less desirable spots. I also found some great longer sheer tunics that flatter and cover.

  3. Jane NC wrote on :

    Would you like a cute one that can be monogrammed too? Go to initialoutfitters.net/jane/- download the catalog & look on page 75- in white & hot pink. I’ve seen them & they have decent coverage. Let me know what you think!

  4. Mamavalveeta03 wrote on :

    J Crew and Roberta Roller Rabbit both have some adorable beachy tunics that look stylish and serve the purpose of covering up. I also love Roberta Roller Rabbit’s cute sarongs. They’re colorful and chic.

  5. MissPriss48 wrote on :

    why not try a sarong? or a strapless lite weight maxi.

  6. Esther Whatley wrote on :

    Check online at swimsuitsforall.com. I owned a swimshop here on the beach for several years and bought wholesale from their sister site. They have great variety, good quality, all sizes and reasonable prices. Good buys on swimsuits in all sizes and styles, too.

  7. 3thingsuneed wrote on :

    at TJ Maxx, Bealls,or Marshall’s you can buy an expensive button down summer dress.. or a light weight sweater made of rayon mix,cotton mix etc. no need for buttons or zippers…leave it unbutton or not.. and you can tie a scarf or a belt around the waist and you are ready for a lunch or an early dinner near the beach..

  8. phr7555 wrote on :

    I use a sleeveless sundress. Victoria’s Secret has some cute inexpensive ones…al different colors. Covers mid section and thighs.

  9. stella111 wrote on :

    Maxi dresses are all the rage, why not try a beach-appropriate design, washable with halter or shoulder straps. It’s okay if your bathing suit straps show, you’re going to the beach!
    Also, believe it or not, Walmart as some cute longish cover-ups, if you live near one of their stores. All the department stores have cover-ups depending on your budget.
    You might also want to try a kimono-style or tunic dress, the kind you would wear with leggings, which I have seen at walmart.com.
    Good luck.

    • elaine sipos wrote on :

      Thanks for all the good ideas, I guess I was limiting my options to swim cover-ups only!

  10. Hawklady wrote on :

    I agree that Soft Surroundings has lovely things. I drool when I visit their site. You didn’t mention your size range but if you fit more in the 14 plus sizes One Stop Plus also has some clever things that will work. Maxi Dresses are in this year along with tunics that would achieve your goal.

  11. Lori Ann Robinson wrote on :

    Yes, I understand your concern and you want to still look terrific. I recommend a pretty light weight dress or caftan that you can throw over your swimsuit. You can choose a longer version so you feel covered and confident. Look at softsurroundings.com for some really terrific options. The dresses have a lovely flow quality for beach breeze. Another idea is a sarong or long crinkle cotton skirt with an elastic or drawstring you can easily get on. Enjoy!

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