Help! My daughter is graduating. I want to get her something nice but since I lost my job the budget is tight. My brother is getting her a used truck and I need to top that one. What do I do?

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  1. JustJ wrote on :

    Look for a timeless diamond necklace. The prices vary dramatically at jewelry stores and it is something she can cherish forever.

  2. JunieB wrote on :

    Sometimes the nicest & most thoughtful gifts don’t cost anything. How about putting together a book of photos covering all her school life from Pre K & up ? The photo books they make at places like Walmart & Walgreens used to be really expensive but they make them for you around $20-$30. Also how about giving her the gift of your time ? If she lives in an apartment how about a book of coupons to do her laundry or clean her apartment when she needs it?
    If she is into music or concerts find out her favorite band/singer as Summer concerts are coming up & maybe you can buy her the very best tickets you can afford/or a VIP package where she could attend a meet & greet with the star! It may be not the typical graduation gift but I assure you it’s one she would remember forever! Good Luck !

  3. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    You don’t say if she’s graduating from high school or college. Also, is she living at home or is she going to get an apartment? Topping your brother’s gift is going to be difficult on a tight budget. Have you thought of going in on your brother’s gift and letting it be from both of you? Or, as an alternative, putting a really good stereo system in that truck? Kids love their music and having a great system in the truck would wow her! Surely, your daughter knows you are in a budget crunch and she shouldn’t be expecting a lot from you. After all is said and done, your financial health is more important than anything else right now. Going into debt to top your brother’s gift is ludicrous! We love our children and only want the best for them but there is a point at which we must say no to our desires and recognize that we’ve put them through school all these years, we’ve clothed them and given them every possible thing we could. If we’ve raised them right, they will love the smallest gift given with love and they won’t expect the moon that is unattainable.

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