Are primers any use or is this just another gimic and if so which are the best ?

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  1. Joan Rothman wrote on :

    I really didn’t think a primer would make a difference. I got a free sample of a primer and I can’t believe the difference. My face looks much smoother and the makeup looks much better.

  2. Still Blonde after all these YEARS wrote on :

    I have always found them to be gimmicky. Now that I have read your responses, I want to try them again. Hmmm..Wear to start

  3. GenuineAmyHall wrote on :

    I love my primer! I use a foundation primer with an spf of 15. It contains silica which diffuses light and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. My foundation goes on smooth and flawless! http://www.marykay.com/genuineamyhall/color/foundations/foundationprimer/10054105/default.aspx I also use a eye primer and a lip primer. I find that my eye shadow stays brighter when I use a primer and my lips are less likely to bleed into my lip lines. I LOVE my primers they make me look fabulous!

  4. nidradeb wrote on :

    I’m with Susan and Linda here – they are the best thing to happen to makeup, well, since makeup! I do have a favorite that I have been using for years (and I’ve tried many). It’s Dr. Brandt’s “Pores no More,” and it literally lives up to its name. Pores become invisible and makeup simply glides on. It’s the best way I’ve found to keep a natural, un-made-up look to foundation. Good luck!

  5. linda caricofe wrote on :

    Primers are the best thing to happen to make up since the invention of make up itself.
    I use SmashBox primer.
    It glides over your face easily, not greasy, feels wonderful.
    It creates a smooth surface on your face.
    No matter what kind of make up you use, Smash Box primer will make it look better, it’s that simple.
    Think of it this way.
    Before painting a wall, one always primes it first to create a smooth no bumps surface.
    Face Box Primer does that for your face.
    Primers are good for your face too.
    It’s no gimmick, primers are a must have for your wonderful face which truly does deserve the best, you are worth it.
    Best wishes, Linda

  6. Susan S. wrote on :

    Hi loobythenoo,
    Primers do work. They are almost always silicone based. Silicone’s molecules are too big to be asorbed by the skin, so they provide a kind of barrier that keeps your foundation from soaking into your pores. The result is that your foundation stays on longer and silicone’s natural ‘slip’ (think WD40 … haha) helps your foundation glide on more smoothly. The primer also settles into fine lines, filling them in invisibly, so then your make-up doesn’t settle into them as much.

    I’ve used many, many brands. I can’t say I have a favorite. They all seem to work similarly and do a pretty good job.

  7. Kari Solyntjes wrote on :

    Yes they are great and not a gimmick. They fill in lines, help makeup to stay on longer etc. There are a variety of kinds – Smashbox has a large assortment, but most of theirs are high in dimethocone, which some people are allergic to in high doses. I like two – one is tinted and it’s from By Terry and the other one I really like is Burberry’s primer.

  8. JunieB wrote on :

    No they are not a gimmick. They help your foundation stay on longer great for Summer & if you have any fine lines & wrinkles they smooth skin out before you apply your foundation think spackle ! lol The best one on the market is Smashbox, just don’t use too much when applying

  9. casavon wrote on :

    Good primers are awesome! After you use your skin care, you just put on a thin coating of primer and then apply your foundation. Primer helps smooth your skin and make your makeup look better!

    Avon has a GREAT primer (under $10) called Magix. It does the job at an affordable price. Check it out!!

    Good luck! Chris


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