Hi Fellow FOF gurus – I have been invited to an engagement party for a friend (second marriage). I am still confused by the gift protocol I’ve read about so what say you? thanks cwb

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  1. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    An engagement party for a second marriage? Who is giving this party? If it’s the couple getting married, it’s a bit gauche to bring a gift. It’s a celebration of their engagement, not their marriage, and that marriage still may or may not take place. I disagree completely with all the other posters here.

    • Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

      This is why I was confused! A couple of friends and I went in on a couple of nice locally produced wines, a few treats, and a froyo certificate. – $15 each

  2. penmore wrote on :

    I agree with the advice to absolutely bring a gift. I just have a slightly different take on gift ideas. I find that at this stage of life, we all have a lot, sometimes too much “stuff”, so I like to give an experience. In this case, something romantic would be appropriate-how about a gift certificate to a restaurant or couples massage? These are pricier gifts but could be shared by several guests. A more budget friendly take would be to give them a small picnic basket perhaps with a bottle of wine and a note that you will provide a lunch to go on request. Life and love are always to be celebrated in my book (speaking of books, a scrapbook or frame including a shot of the two of them taken by you, would be great too.)

  3. kakkie60 wrote on :

    If it is an engagement party, I would ALWAYS bring something, even if just a token, especially if you were a guest during the first marriage with the showers and reception. If invited to the wedding ceremony only, a gift is nice, but not required. If attending a reception, gifts are usually expected, unless other wise noted on the invitations. If you are on a tight budget, as many of us are, find out the bride’s color scheme for the ceremony or home decor, and purchase a scented candle, which is useful, pretty, and smells good. You can find many other small tokens in this price range. There are now greeting cards which are made that morph into art as they are made similar to pop up books. Cards which have flower seeds embedded in them that can then be planted,card and all, for the bride’s future enjoyment. They come in many seed varieties. I would also call the host of the party and ask what the theme is, as that could give you so many other inexpensive, yet useful gifts, that would work. I had many co-workers, neighbors, friends of friends, etc, over the years who had hobbies making crafts, pottery, and such, and sold them for practically the cost of the material, making them unique hand made art that made wonderful gifts.
    I hope that I have given you the answer you were seeking, as well as a few ideas that won’t break the bank or leave you feeling as if you have less than perfect manners.

  4. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Who wouldn’t appreciate a little gift? How about a bottle of champagne for them to toast on their honeymoon or if she is taking his last name – how about something with the new initial on it, or a picture frame etc.

  5. meyer meyer wrote on :

    Take a gift that celebrates the now in their life together, not something “proper” as we all did in our old lives!

  6. Joan Rothman wrote on :

    You should take a gift unless the invitations says otherwise.

  7. Brenda Rosenberg wrote on :

    You should bring a gift for them.

  8. Constance Dittberner wrote on :

    Unless the invitation says otherwise it is just proper protocol to bring a little something, at least.

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