Greetings! I am looking for a Feng Shui practicitoner/designer to help me with my personal transformation and goals. To that end, I will be donating many of my current items as I get ready to clear my space and invite in new, positive energy. Thank you!

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  1. Pat Bender wrote on :

    Try Carol Cannon. You can see her on Facebook at Carol Cannon Group. She is a Feng Shui specialist who has given many workshops and helped many people.

  2. Renee Robinson wrote on :

    I would have to agree with most of the ladies here……my knowledge is limited in this area and I don’t know of any real life practitioners but gaining some online knowledge and reading a few good books might help you be able to flow with your space. Whenever I think about Feng Shui, I Google for info. I really like the idea of how “colors,” can change a room and or create a certain atmosphere. I’m not sure if this fits into your personal transformation and goals. Here are some books from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/ref=wl_post_inst_ln_wl?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=14JXR215MHWHZEMMD0CP&pf_rd_t=601&pf_rd_p=1313003202&pf_rd_i=PostInstallLandingChrome#

  3. Dindy904 wrote on :

    I am so sorry, but I have little to no knowledge in this area…I would not even know how you would begin looking for this very specific help/guidance…I wish you well in this most interesting and exciting journey ! Regards, DMH

  4. roseruni wrote on :

    I love the concept of Feng Shui, and have incorporated many of its practice in my interior design. But my paticular design style is a bit more eclectic, and I have not embraced Feng Shui rigidly. I love the idea of the energy flow, and, when I decorate, I let my mind and body feel the rooms energy and flow. You’ll know you “got it” when you feel it. If this is your first time in doing a major redecorate, you might want to store some your items until you get a feel for the rooms rejuvenated energy flow. I believe there is a Chinese saying that you can’t have a cup without its empty space in the middle. The empty space defines a cups existence. I sometimes think that holds true for rooms too. I sometimes hold on to so many beautiful and interesting things, that my room has no “space”, the emptiness required to define it. I then know its time to let a bit go. Have fun!

  5. Sarah Noebels wrote on :

    it depends on where you live, and you might google practitioners in your area. I am going through that myself, and it does feel good to rid your space of nonessentials

  6. Karen Smith wrote on :

    I’m not a certified practitioner either, Amarnel. Here in Tucson, I highly recommend thosefengshuiguys.com — fabulous energy and delightful to work with. That said, the standard wisdom is to only declutter/remove 8 items each day. That gives you time to adapt to the change and not get overwhelmed in the process. Since you want to donate your castoffs, taking 8 each day to a non-prof will be a nice part of your transformation! Best of luck!!!!

  7. RonniWhitman wrote on :

    Hi, Although I am not aCertified practitioner, I have taken some classes. I do know a great Feng Shui master. Her name is Serifina and you can reach her at serafina@serafinaonline.com

  8. Jane NC wrote on :

    I know very little about feng shui, so I won’t be the one to help you with that. However, you may be able to use a regular designer to achieve many of your needs.

  9. shellie robin wrote on :

    Hi — I’m not a certified practitioner but I have a book 😉 So great of you to donate your many items to clear your space. If you’re self driven, perhaps you can do it on your own, am sure there’s much information online and/or how to find a practitioner/designer in your area.

  10. Louise Fadness wrote on :

    Amarnel, I am not a certified Feng Shui practitioner, but may I suggest the following link for information on how to declutter for Feng Shui transformation. You sound ready for this change, but you will need to be brave! Now check this out:
    Good luck and I hope the positive energy from living with Feng Shui is a wonderful experience.

  11. NancyHYoung wrote on :

    As much as I love studying Feng Shui and it’s positive influences, I am not a certified practitioner.

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