I’ve been hearing a lot from friends about using Vaseline as a “wonder” moisturizer?? Anyone here used it for any extended period of time and seen results?? Thanks!

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  1. Laura Borud wrote on :

    Plain old vaseline is my go to when my skin is wrecked, broke out, dry, you name it. It seems to calm and stabilize it. My mom has used it for years as her only face treatment and she looks pretty good for her age. As for other comments of it being a petrochemical, yes it is but not even close to being “motor oil”. But we all have our “things”, I personally won’t shop at Wal Mart.

  2. Corinne Garrett wrote on :

    Vaseline is good for lots of body parts. I use it for elbows, knees, feet, cuticles, hands, and lips. It does ‘soften up’ tough, dry, and/or cracked heels when used overnight with socks. If you slather it on dry lips and then use your electric toothbrush, you can ‘polish’ off the flaking skin to THEN use moisturizer to smooth things out. But I concur with the other ladies: I wouldn’t use it on my face because it will clog your pores.

  3. Marla5115 wrote on :

    If you are going to use a vaseline product I would recommend Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly by Alba, however the best moisturizer I have ever used is tarte’s maracuja oil. This oil really is a miracle product. It makes my skin feel so soft and plump and it has made a huge difference in the texture of my skin.

  4. Jzmtazz wrote on :

    I have a very good friend who used vaseline on her face religiously for many years. I wasn’t aware of it, but we went on a road trip and at our first overnight stop I saw her rubbing that stuff in, I told her to stop! She didn’t, though, and now in her 60’s is so wrinkled, especially around the eyes and mouth. I don’t recommend it. The only reason I ever used vaseline was when i had babies and it kept their butts protected from diaper rash!

  5. NJ Nelson wrote on :

    Thanks all for all the replies! 🙂 (I had a friend that INSISTED that Vaseline everywhere would keep wrinkles away?!) 🙂 Lips and crows feet I think only areas on face we should use it on!

  6. Stacycakes wrote on :

    Yes, I use Vaseline only on severly chapped areas on my body and lips. Several years ago I decided to pull a Marilyn Monroe and saturate my face with Vaseline. The only effects I say were clogged pores. Best use for me is wipe on lips and use a washcloth and gently rub your lips until soft.

  7. Donna Washburn wrote on :

    I use it every night before bed – not much, just under the eyes, on the lips and any dry patches. I also dab it on my cuticles – I love it. It must work, people say I haven’t changed since high school. Donna

  8. traceybrown wrote on :

    I haven’t personally used Vaseline as a facial moisturizer, but as stated by others, Vaseline is such a large molecule that it cannot penetrate the skin. By the same token, it cannot hurt your skin either.
    It has been a proven skin softener for feet and hands–Vaseline and socks/gloves at night. It’s also a great barrier for protecting skin in harsh elements–while skiing etc.
    If you are looking for an inexpensive moisturizer for dry skin, you can try aquaphor,cerave, lubriderm or eucerin. These are all found on drugstore shelves.

  9. Cubie131 wrote on :

    I wouldn’t use it as a moisturizer. What is is good for is a sealer. So, if you have a very dry patch of skin and you moisturize, if you put a layer of Vaseline over top it will hold that moisture in-great for chapped areas, but not for general use.

    • Debsworld63 wrote on :

      I totally agree…I was just about to type the very same thing verbatim!

  10. Susan S. wrote on :

    Hi Nancy,
    To answer your question, no I haven’t used it and I wouldn’t. I think the name says it all, ‘petroleum’ jelly … Vaseline is a petrochemical and I personally wouldn’t use it as a moisturizer any more than I would use motor oil, no matter how refined it may be.

    Also, it doesn’t moisturize the skin, it’s too thick and there’s nothing in it your skin can utilize. It works by preventing moisture loss. It’s a thick barrier that sits on the surface, so the skin doesn’t dehydrate, but it also inhibits the skin from eliminating (oils, sweat, dead skin cells), so it can be quite clogging to the pores. It doesn’t have any helpful ingredients, so it’s not at all nourishing, and definitely not hydrating. It’s pretty much just a protective barrier, and there are soooo many products out there that do the same thing but can benefit your skin so much more.

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