I am searching for a dress to wear to my daughters destination wedding in Mexico. I am usually a size 6 or 8 needing the larger size on the bottom and the smaller on top. I am 5 foot two. Should I wear a highwaist with flowing skirt or more of a fitted style?

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  1. Rose Soriero wrote on :

    I say wear what makes you feel beautiful. For my daughters destination wedding, which was very casual, I wore a long flowy dress. It was a little dressy for a barefoot beach wedding but my daughter encouraged me to go with what made me feel good. I’m glad I did!

  2. Marie Doyle wrote on :

    Please go for the flowing skirt. Smaller top with wide hips are not at all attractive. Additionally, a fitted skirt will only put emphasis on wide hips and will crease when you are sitting…..

  3. FeelGreat wrote on :

    You ladies are wonderful. Thank you for the responses. I recently tried one on where it was layers all the way down with a little jacket. It was not flow-y. The flow-y ones feel very beachy which is great. It feels a little less dressy than the less flow-y ones do. I feel I need to make it a bit more dressy as I’m the mama!

  4. Debbie Sorg wrote on :

    How about something in between! Maybe and A-line dress vs. something that will make your bottom look larger.

  5. Patricia Hight wrote on :

    The flowing skirt says “Mexico”, the high waist does not.

  6. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    You don’t say what type of wedding your daughter is going to have. If it’s a beach wedding, make sure your dress is more to the casual side than chiffon. If it will be in a church, then it is definitely an occasion for more formal attire. Is the groom from Mexico? His family will be dressed more formally as well. Whatever you wear, ensure your own comfort and wear what will make you feel joyous, as it is an occasion filled with wonder and happiness.

  7. AmyGill wrote on :

    I think “flowing” sounds more appropriate for the setting.

  8. Cathy Wood wrote on :

    With all due respect to everyone who voted for the flowy skirt — which does say “wedding in Mexico!” — I think that if you’re short, a skirt that’s more fitted to your body will be more flattering. It keeps your head-to-toe line long and lean. There are some gorgeously embellished fitted skirts. Don’t think “office pencil skirt” — look for narrower cuts with sequins, lace or embroidery for a more festive look.

  9. bpaine7 wrote on :

    Where the one that you’ll never have to think about, the one you feel beautiful in. Is this a casual wedding – as much as a wedding can be casual! – or more formal affair? on the beach or in a church? what is your partner wearing, and what fits with the style your daughter has chosen?

  10. DJ Rogers wrote on :

    Definitely fo flowy – it looks better when you dance!

  11. Still Blonde after all these YEARS wrote on :

    I personally think flowing is better for the figure you describe. Eskati has some great vintage feeling styles paired with bright colors and cottons that would look good in Mexico. Also, be sure to get yourself some HIGH shoes!

  12. juliemaria wrote on :

    If it were me, I’d definitely go the more flowing skirt, sounds more fun and not so “office ” appropriate .

  13. suzi51 wrote on :

    I would choose the high waist with the flowing skirt that is above the knee or a maxi. Lighter and/or patterned on top would a darker bottom would be ideal. Great jewelry will draw the eye upward and make you appear taller along with some killer heels. Check out this link for an example.

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