Comfortable sturdy bra for curvy women?

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19 Answers

  1. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Melena: I may have found it! With grave reservations, I just bought the Spanx Bra-vo Back-Smoothing bra from QVC.com. I’m assuming anywhere that sells Spanx sells this bra. It is $72 at QVC. It goes up to a 44DDD so your size should be in there somewhere. It certainly does what it says it will do. There are quibbles about the three small hooks in front but I found they hook together on their own just by proper placement with the eyes. The cup size is true to whatever you wear now. I would order one size larger in the measurement, however. I wear a 34B and it fits fine but I believe it might have been better if I’d ordered at 36B. It certainly gets rid of any back roll one has and the bra is very sturdy. I’m going to tell you that nobody could have been more surprised that I am about this bra. The bra is full coverage and the straps are easily adjustable to your comfort. QVC is fantastic about returns so try this one! I wore this bra yesterday for the first time and was thrilled with how my blouse looked under it. The straps didn’t come down once and, as I had to take it off for a doctor’s visit, it was very easy to get it back on.

  2. AnnettePiper wrote on :

    Try the brand Curvy Kate. Its made in the UK. I’m an E cup and its the ONLY bra I’ve found so far that fits properly, is wonderfully supportive, comfortable AND pretty!

  3. debbievcpa wrote on :

    Panache Tango II … I wear a 38F and this bra supports the girls and looks beautiful!

  4. Toni Hughes wrote on :

    I agree with the Wacoal and for beauty try Chantelle.

  5. shellie robin wrote on :

    I recently found Glamorise and bought two of their minimizers. Great coverage!

  6. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    LOL! I have no idea what bras work for you wonderful curvy women but, while I’m here, I’d love to know of a bra for a charter member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee! We women and our bras appear to face dilemmas no matter our size. Curvy women have to deal with bra straps digging into their shoulders, too tight around bras that make little muffins tops around, etc. Flat women like me have to deal with bras that pucker out from the breast coverage and make us look like clowns. I’m so sick of trying on countless bras and finding nothing that works. I can truly empathize with you on the hunt for a comfortable bra!

    • stillhotafter60 wrote on :

      Wacoal not only is perfect for the full figure, they are now making a petite size bra that is absolutely WONDERFUL!

    • Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

      YOU are a gem! I will definitely investigate Wacoal. Many thanks, you wonderful FOF friend!

  7. StyleGoesStrong46350 wrote on :

    Hi Melena – I had the same problem for a long time. I finally found the solution for me at Lane Bryant. They have a large selection of bras – underwire or not – in a range of styles. Thay are well made, and you can have a great range of colors and prints. Their house brand is called Cacique – they come in sizes to fit up to a 50H. I wear one of their T-Shirt bras nearly every day. It’s a nice sturdy bra with side boning and lightly lined so there’s no “see through” on tanks or T-Shirts that I wear most days in the heat of Florida. I’m 60 years old, and wear a size 42DD bra. I’ve worn Lane Bryant bras for at least 15 years – and will continue to do so. Most of the bras range around $25 to $40, with several sales each year. If you have a bra situation – they have a solution. They have stores all over the country, or you can order online at their website. It’s lanebryant.com -you can locate stores there also. Hope this helps!!

    • Melinda Johnson wrote on :

      Thanks so much for all your response! I have purchase the Cirque bras and they do work well. Thank you!

    • momzworkin wrote on :

      Hi Melena, I too couldn’t live without Cacique bras. THe balconette is my favorite style-it keeps “the girls” covered, supported and it is very flattering. You didn’t mention what size you are-my daughter is a 38DDD and I am 46DDD and we both buy all our bras there.

    • Sandymmiller@yahoo.com wrote on :

      I agree with the comment regarding the bras at Lane Bryant and they are not nearly as expensive as the Wacoal (sp?) brand. I measured a 36G 2 months ago at a specialty bra shop. I spent about $130.00 on those bras and I hated them. Macys measured me a 36 DD … My daughter knows that I have had some diggiculty with bras so she recommended the brand at Lane Bryant. The thing I like about them is the band, the entire band supports opposed to most other bras I’ve tried just the elastic at the bottom of the band supports. Good luck in your quest.

  8. LisaFitExpert wrote on :

    One of my favorites is Wacoal 65547 Amazing fit, stretch lace, a leotard back for comfort and “no bulges”. Starts at a 36C goes to a 40DDD. LC

  9. Ilenefaboverfifty wrote on :

    Hello Melena,
    For a sturdy every day bra, the Warcoal seamless minimizer with underwire support is outstanding!
    For a sturdy active bra, consider the Warcoal seamless sport bra with an underwire.
    For a sexy, sturdy look, consider the Chantelle “all in one” bra/body suit @ $138.00 (lace,lycra and an underwire!). Best for special events vs. 12 hour work days.
    These undergarments are not inexpensive, but a correct bra that lifts and shapes does wonders for your posture and confidence.
    Best of luck! Please report back with your findings.
    Good luck!

  10. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    Yes,I’m 34DDD and could not exist without the whole WACOAL line.
    Macy’s,Nordstrom carries them.

  11. Eddy Robey wrote on :

    My choice is the Flower Bali. It has side stays for extra support, which makes a real difference, and comes in a huge range of sizes.

    • Melinda Johnson wrote on :

      For some reason the Bali bras don’t fit me correctly. It seems like the cups are too close together? Anyway, thanks for your response.

  12. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    I still have to go with Wacoal. THey are well made bras and they provide good support. Remember too that you don’t have to wear an underwire, many of the new bras have really sturdy banding at the bottom that provides underwire support without the wire. I wonder how many women would dump their bra completely if they thought they could get away with it. It is one of the first things to come off when I get home. Comfortable is not synonymous with bra, that is for sure. I am usually happy to find one that is bearable! The bigger breasted you are, the more difficult that quest becomes. Good luck, there are good bras out there but they are usually the most expensive.

  13. Janelynn wrote on :

    There most certainly is not! Not that offers any lift and support anyway. Someone needs to invent a better bra for curvy and large-breasted women!

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