I’m seriously considering relocating to Manhattan for an adventure! My concern is that I have a solitary job and therefore no opportunity to meet friends at a job. Any suggestions for a woman of 50?

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4 Answers

  1. Toni Hughes wrote on :

    look at meetup.com tons of groups for any interest you might have!

    • HeatherAT wrote on :

      Thank you so much! I have never heard of this site and I just spent 30 minutes checking it out for Manhattan. There are tons of groups….the scales are definitely tipping in the direction of me making the big jump! Thank you.

    • Toni Hughes wrote on :

      I have lived in Memphis for over 15 years and I use Meetup.com as a way to meet new people! I love it!

  2. Still Blonde after all these YEARS wrote on :

    !) If you attend Church, most churches have groups for Women
    2) There are newcomer groups you can join in every city
    3) Volunteer
    4) Take a class

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