What’s a good sunscreen for everyday use that won’t clog pores? I am 58 and still prone to acne. The only place I have wrinkles is around my eyes, and I would like to use sunscreen there too…any suggestions?

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  1. Marla5115 wrote on :

    I really like Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunblock SPF 55. It never breaks me out. http://followmarla.blogspot.com/

  2. Corinne Garrett wrote on :

    Sheer cover has a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. Protection with moisture: one step.

  3. Marcia Hatten wrote on :

    Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42 is great. I am 68 & live in the city so I want something to wear everyday that is invisible, not shiny or greasy. I have very sensitive skin. The finish is almost velvety. Only draw back is the size is too small.

  4. Victoria Kuhl wrote on :

    I should have added that I need something that will play nice with a concealer. Finding a concealer that actually covers my dark circles and doesn’t turn the sunscreen into cottage cheese would be helpful. I guess the picture is unfortunate given the question, but I just took my sunglasses off for the picture! 😉

  5. kimberlyirby@ymail.com wrote on :

    I might suggest that you check out Paula’s Choice moisturizers with sunscreen. She has different products for all skin types, and they will send you samples if you request them by phone. Prices are great, the quality of product is great, and customer service is awesome. PS: She recommends that her moisturizers with and without sunscreen be used for the eye area as well as the face! Her ingredients are full of great antioxidants, and she uses only mineral sunscreens. Hope this helps!

  6. TJfacialist wrote on :

    Paula’s Choice Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 25 and antioxidants is anti-aging nirvana and sunscreen protection rolled into one. It contains only non-chemical sunscreen ingredients, so you don’t have to worry at all about irritation or breakouts. I have combination blemish-prone aging skin, and it just works fabulous for me and is wonderful under makeup. Best to you, Tina

  7. avonlady wrote on :

    I really like the feel of the Neutrogena sunscreens. It feels soft like baby powder and my pores feel refreshed not clogged.

  8. DebMac wrote on :

    Hi Vkuhl. My facial sunscreen of choice is Neutrogena. Age Shield Face; spf 110. It contains helioplex and was recommended by my dermatologist.

  9. Deborah S wrote on :

    I recommend Avon’s Anew Rejuvenate 24 hour eye moisturizer. It is a 2-in-1 eye cream. The moon-shaped side is for night and the sun-shaped side is for day with broad spectrum SPF 25 UVA/UVB protection. All of Avon’s creams are non-comedogenic (will not clog pores). The rejuvenate line is recommended for early signs of aging like you describe (usually age 30 ). Anew Ultimate line (usually age 50 ) would add too much moisture if you are still prone to acne.

    Debbie S.

    • Deborah S wrote on :

      should say age 30 plus and age 50 plus – my plus sign didn’t show up

  10. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    I have tried gels,creams,sprays…just about every mode of SPF transport out there and because I too have oil rich skin,I used to have pimples coming in with my new wrinkles!Having worked for a dermatologist I new exfoliation was key.So I began a self exfoliation ritual,mild at first then stronger.You can use anyones acids.
    This makes wearing an spf a no doubt thing! Now,I use Dr.Jarts BB cream purchased at SEPHORA. I’ve seen copies out there but stick with the original.
    At 61,I’ve few wrinkles & no spots or discoloration.Good Luck.Any other questions?

    • Victoria Kuhl wrote on :

      I get a facial twice a month that involves exfoliation and those microcurrent treatments. So I have to use a sunscreen all the time. I am going to try your suggestion. Thanks. Do you use a concealer? Whatever you’re doing is clearly doing you good, you look great.

  11. suzi51 wrote on :

    Aveeno Active Naturals (continuous protection sunblock lotion) FACE spf 70

    This sunscreen is designed specifically for your face. It’s waterproof and non-comedogenic.

  12. medical facials wrote on :

    I am new to this site.Best sun protection from my experience is from LIPSG by Long Plastic Surgical Group #50 it great coverage it light for any skin type and it great after any skin or health procedures.You can go on the web.site.Enjoy.Innessa

  13. Hawklady wrote on :

    Hi Vkuhl, what a great question. I am partial to Clinique City Block in SPF 40. It is wonderfully light and non-greasy and yet protects from the sun and smog damage.

  14. Jessica Krant, M.D. (Derm) wrote on :

    VKuhl, The above are all fine suggestions, I’m sure, but may be harder to find than Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with SPF 50, which is made to be used as facial moisturizer and will not clog pores. Good luck!
    Dr. Krant

    • Victoria Kuhl wrote on :

      I’ve tried all of the Neutrogena products but unfortunately they don’t mix well with my under eye concealer. Other than that they are fine. I use them on my neck and the back of my hands. If I put that product under my eyes my concealer with mix with it and it turns into little pills that wipe right off my face. Not good. So I am still looking for a nice combination of products.

  15. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    The sunscreen my clients prefer is Bio Jouvance 4-in-1 Lumines Cream. It has an SPF of 30, and is very protective.
    I have also found that those of my clients who only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil on their skin every time they clean it, have no displays of acne or sun spots. It is what I use, and have not suffered from sun damage. It will not clog your pores, as the cell size is smaller than your blood cell, and it penetrates quickly. Your skin feels the presence of the oil and does not over-produce more, so it should help with the acne problem.

  16. Still Blonde after all these YEARS wrote on :

    Okay…Don’t smack me..but the best sunscreen is a HAT and sunglasses. Neither will block you pores! But if you really want a sunscreen I recommend Skin Authority’s SUNSCREEN MOISTURIZER SPF 30, UVA 4-STARS ($42, 4 oz or trial size $10) , it’s also a Allure Magazine Editor’s #1 Pick!

  17. casavon wrote on :

    Avon sells several daytime moisturizers that not only moisturize your skin, but also help to repair damage on your face. Everything Avon sells is guaranteed not to clog your pores. My personal recommendation is Ultimate AM; affordable and excellent for your needs!

    Good luck!


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