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  1. Tammy Wise wrote on :

    I have no first hand experience with this product, but I do have an opinion about such products. There is plenty of research showing it is safe and effective for rehab and athletic enhanced strength; I would not, however, recommend it as a sole abdominal strengthener or toner. The mechanism stimulates nerve bundles that in turn stimulate muscle contraction, it interrupts your natural ability to signal the nerve impulses in an area, so your body could actually become ineffective with prolonged use if you are not adding self motivated abdominal exercises into your routine.
    You expressed a dislike toward exercise… I wonder if you would be interested in looking at http://www.bodylogos.com a mind body approach to strength that uses meditation techniques to inspire exercise. It is based in NYC, but there is a DVD w/3 half-hour workouts on it that might be a nice complement to your affinity toward the BMR Tummy Lift.
    Good luck and congratulations on losing the 60 pounds!

  2. Joanp wrote on :

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! This type of device doesn’t engage the essential principles of weight management which involve losing body fat through cardio activity; toning muscles with strength training; and eating a healthy diet. Save your money!

    • annaaghajanian wrote on :

      Thank you for the information. I recently lost 60 LB and hate to exercise. About 10 years ago I used a similar device at a doctor’s office and had great results, unfortunately I can’t find that doctor anymore.
      http://faboverfifty.com/beauty/?p=868 If you go to this link you will see that this was posted in May on this website. I was wondering if anyone tried the tummy version of this device.

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