Can someone advise on how to get ride of cigarette smell from a room with years of stains and nicotine smell please. What is the best way to rid of the smell without spending a fortune? I desperately need help before I paint the room over and make the mistake that the paint does not rid of smell.

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  1. Little Feather wrote on :

    Smoke outside….we do…and there is NO smell of smoke inside OR on our clothes.

  2. ChrisV wrote on :

    I believe that they make a special primer that will help cut the smell and the stains on the walls. If you just try to paint without it the paint won’t cover evenly because
    of the smoke residue coating the walls . Also, as already
    suggested, get rid of any fabrics and carpeting as they will be permeated with the smoke. Good luck!

  3. Lake Gal wrote on :

    I’ve been through something similar to this with a family member when we had to clean his house. I’m afraid the ONLY thing that’s going to help is to completely strip the room of anything ‘fabric’, including the carpet if it has any. Wash any hard surfaces, such as furniture, walls, ceilings, etc with a good solution of TSP (Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner found at hardware stores). Then repaint the room. Good Luck.

    • Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

      Yours is the best advice ever! If you paint without thoroughly washing the walls, the smells will linger but there is another problem too. The nicotine has clung to the existing paint and one would only have to run a hot wet towel over a portion of the wall to see how the yellow stain is still there. It will bleed through the paint and the walls MUST be washed with TSP before you even think of painting! I know this from bitter experience and I created four times the work for myself because I skipped the step of thoroughly washing the walls and ceilings. Kudos to you!

  4. avonlady wrote on :

    Put in a bunch of plants. They help rid rooms of smells and odors.

  5. Geri Brin wrote on :

    chances are, the smell has infiltrated the fabrics throughout the house, including the upholstery, the drapes, carpeting and your clothes. So you should have all that cleaned. But painting does do a great deal to get rid of most of the smell.

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