Help me, wise ones. Two weeks ago I posted a question about what to wear to a black tie event and now that promising romance is over. I prompted it because after 10 weeks I was starting to get mixed signals. He said he was falling in love w/me and that scared him. I am heartbroken.

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  1. avonlady wrote on :

    Back off him a bit. But keep in touch. Do fun, carefree dates. Don’t act desperate. Let him make the next serious move in the relationship. Act like you just want to have fun.

  2. ginagina2498 wrote on :

    I think you need a LITTLE time to feel heartbroken, that is so disappointing. However, I would agree, go out enjoy your friends and your hobbies. Please don’t spend your time waiting for the “right one”. Live your life to the fullest concentrate on being happy with yourself and good things will come your way.
    You are in my thoughts.

  3. Toni Hughes wrote on :

    I’m not a wise one but it sure seems to me like you are!

  4. Cheryl Savage wrote on :

    I’m so sorry the relationship didn’t work out. You were on my mind the other day, I was going to touch base with you to fine out how your date turned out. Did he tell you what scared him about falling in Love with you? Sometimes when a relationship moves fast it will scare the other person if they just got out of one. In the 10 week relationship did the two of you have a conversation about being exclusive? If there wasn’t a conversation about being exclusive I encourage women to continue to date other men, until such conversation is communicated. If we continue to date even if he is the one we want our heart will stay centered. The pain isn’t as bad if we haven’t put all our eggs in one basket to early. I know your heart is huring right now, however the best thing you can to for your self is call your friends go out on an outing. Dress up go to a restaurant with a Cool bar, lots of people on a Thursday Night. Have fun, smile a lot, talk to everyone you make eye contact with. I find this is the best way to move forward in finding the one for you for now. Please don’t call him. If he calls hear what he has to say.
    hang in there
    Cheryl Ann Savage

  5. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    I’m so sorry. Been there, done that too! Men have been using that excuse to break up for centuries! It doesn’t hurt any less, I know, but broken hearts are like any other hurt. You put a bandaid on it and, eventually, it heals. You also must learn from it or it will be for nothing. Don’t stay inside and brood. Go out, have lunch with friends (don’t even mention your broken heart!), see a play or a film – even a local playhouse can be fun. Just get out and do SOMETHING! If you are indeed FOF, prove it! You are still fabulous! He brought you to tears but he took nothing when he left. You are just as wonder-filled as you were before him. Remember that! Mom’s advice re there being “more than one fish in the sea” is good advice. You will find Mr. Right but this one wasn’t him and I bet there will be others before Right comes along. Just get out there again and don’t forget that bandaid! Wishing you peace, comfort and, most of all, the ability to love again!

  6. Belinda Boyles wrote on :

    So sorry to hear that is didn’t work out – but remember, a man will fight all sorts of obstacles to be with the right woman, and if he’s not willing to go there, he’s NOT your man. Your man is still out there in the Universe, waiting for you to arrive or to notice Him. So don’t get all down in the dumps, get dressed up, look sharp, and get out there to meet new people. Someone really special will show up and you’ll forget about this man who wasn’t ‘right’ for YOU. Just another speedbump on the roadtrip of romance. Keep on going, the best is yet to come.

  7. catherine anello wrote on :

    Simple – If it is love it will prevail ….If not, you chalk it up to experience and realize there are so many many other people in the world – no time to fret over one that isn’t working out ……broken hearts hurt – but getting over them is empowering! Best to you – heal quickly!

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