Anyone on bioidentical hormones? Would like to hear someone’s experience with them. I stopped synthetic hormones on my doctor’s recommendation.

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  1. karen mazza wrote on :

    I have been on bio identicals for over a year compounded specifically based on my blood work. I can tell you that my mood swings are gone, I sleep well and feel all around well. What is most important is that my bone density test showed marked improvement in osteopenia and porosis. Please let me know if you want more info

  2. sheri1154 wrote on :

    Sottopelle® is a wonderful delivery system for bio-identical hormones. No creams, pills, patches, gels or shots! Safe and effective. Check out Sottopelletherapy.com

  3. Victoria Kuhl wrote on :

    I have been on the bioidenticals for about six months now and I am sleeping better and have more energy. Some adjustments have been necessary, and my doctor does regular blood tests. Notably, it was not estrogen that I needed, it was progesterone. My HMO just gave me estriodol without testing or anything. Not good. At least now I’ getting the hormones I’m actually deficient in.

  4. PrincessTamera wrote on :

    I started bioidentical hormones last year on the recommendation of my counselor who is helping w/depression & anxiety issues; she says that the more our bodies are at the right levels, the more apt we are to be healthier emotional & physically (ex. hormones, Vitamin D, Calcium, blood sugar, & many others-a full blood panel). My pharmacist who compounds my hormones is wonderful! She changed my 3-hormone mixture several times before we think it’s working the best now. She puts 2 female hormones & a little testosterone into the mixture. The testosterone was the hardest; we thought it might increase my libido but all I got was more facial hair so she adjusted it so the facial hair stopped growing-I’m taking too many meds for my mental state. I feel better; I think the hormones help me w/depresson, mood swings, hot flashes & have even helped a little w/my anxiety. Please make sure that you find a compounding pharmacist who will adjust your levels as needed & will work w/you. I could not take the standard hormones given; they had awful side effects!
    I wish you the best; bioidentical hormones seem much more suited to us rather than giving us too much of one hormone. I sure would give it a try if I were you!

  5. Rita6610 wrote on :

    Thanks. I will look into it.

  6. Rita6610 wrote on :

    Is there any issue regarding breast cancer with bioidenticals as with synthetic HRT? My gyn took me off synthetic hormones because of the possible breast cancer link.

  7. tksinclair wrote on :

    I have and have done a lot of research on this…let me know what you would like to know and also Im happy to send you some reseach info my dr provided and that I found on my own. My aunt had breast cancer and both my mother and aunt had melanoma so I was pretty hesitant to start them but after doing a lot of research made the decision to try….DO NOT COMPARE THIS TO OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCTS….they have no similarities…. also they are better for you than oral hormones…the cancer risks were linked to INGESTING the hormones…allowing the hormones to process through the liver. Rubbing the cream on allows you to bypass this. I put some on right arm one night, left arm next night, right leg following night and left leg the next then start all over again…it did take a couple of months for my pharmacist (compound pharmacist) to change the doses around to get it “right”…..

    • tksinclair wrote on :

      PS I’m happy to send you information…just write me at:
      terrisinclair@att.net and I will forward to you the research info I have and the info from my compound pharmacist! Just put HORMONES in the subject so it gets my attention. I have a web site on the 17 Day diet and get hundreds of emails every day….

    • sheri1154 wrote on :

      Have you tried Sottopelle??? Its amazing.

  8. sexyoversixty wrote on :

    When I was going through peri-menopause and menopause I took a supplement called NuFem it worked wonders for me….combined with meditation…

  9. AmyCohen wrote on :

    Hi Rita!
    Yes, I was on bioidenticals. It is definitely something to look at instead of synthetic hormines. It is great that your doctor recommended. I was on for a while. It was ok for a while.
    I started using womens essence from Australian Bush Flower Remedies. They are created by flowers and work on balancing our hormones. You will notice all the side effects from helping with mood swings, inlcuding your anger, etc. to actually helping with dryness! My clients love it. I am not trying to sell my company. Look up womens essence on line and you will find companies that sell it. Its an inexpensive and wonderful alternative. Cost is about $18. I would try this before you go to the bioidenticals. Bio identicals are a good 2nd choice.

  10. zipporahs wrote on :

    Yes, I’ve been on them for a couple of years now. What is it that you’d like to know. I can tell you that they’ve helped a bit with my sleep issues, and I have more energy than I did before I started.

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