I’m over 50 and do not look good with my bare legs exposed when wearing skirts or dresses. Are pantyhose absolutely a “no no” in today’s fashion? I’m fine in the cooler months with tights, but the warmer months I miss wearing dresses.

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9 Answers

  1. Toni Hughes wrote on :

    I’m there with you! If the skirt is longer and I’m wearing sandals I will use spray-on pantyhose- you can find several types at the drugstore. I do not do the self tanners because of the smell- I find it offensive. If it’s business wear, I will do pantyhose and hope I don’t melt!

  2. susan.badertscher wrote on :

    You are not alone in the way you feel about your legs as you get older. It’s only nature taking it’s course. As we get a little older our skin loses some of it’s toning abilities and veins start showing etc. I’m not sure what you are uncomfortable about, but I will share with you a product that is changing peoples lives. It is the Ultimate Body Applicator which tightens, tones and firms. You can get more info on it at http://www.getthinwrap.com . I would also answer any questions you have. There is also a gel which you can use along with the wrap to help with wonderful results, it helps the veins be less visible. We help women feel comfortable again in their summer clothes, and would love to help you too. Susan

  3. Laura Borud wrote on :

    I wasn’t aware hose were a no no, I thought we’d progressed to wearing what we like, what is appropriate for the occasion. I personally can’t stand to wear them and haven’t since junior high, until recently. By all means if you want to wear any color or non color pantyhose you want then do it! Remember if you are comfortable with what you are wearing you will feel more confident and be more attractive to all you encounter!

  4. LisaL55 wrote on :

    Good news, nylon stockings are back thanks to Kate Middleton. Sales are way up in England. That’s good enough for me!

  5. Robin Caracino wrote on :

    Wear them, I do and am not going to stop just because some snobs have decided that they know better than I do how I should dress and feel about myself. Be strong.

  6. stefani wrote on :

    I use a sunless tanner every other day from spring to fall. My legs look nicer and aren’t white !

  7. DM wrote on :

    Wear them, I do,would never be caught without them. Why are we following trends that make no sense to us as an individual

  8. PKW wrote on :

    I wear wolfords in the summer months of Houston. It’s why God gave us air conditioning. I am over anyone telling me nude stockings are not appropriate in a professional or church environment.

  9. avonlady wrote on :

    Maybe you can wear a pair of those patterned panty hose that are so popular now

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