Help. I’m big around the back – 48-50″. I’m a C+ cup. Because I’m so wide-set in front (no cleavage), I need FRONT CLOSE or RACERBACK style. I can’t wear ANYTHING with a wide front area because I’m very short from neck to chest. Need thin or lace fabric, I live in the Desert. Any suggestions?

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2 Answers

  1. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    Well, to be honest, I didn’t think I would get lucky finding anything to your specs but I was able to find a couple of Front Closure bras. One is lacy. I am adding the links below. I couldn’t find anything in a racerback that I thought would fit the bill. They were very skimpy. Do you want cleavage? You could add silicone cutlets to fill out the bra and push toward the center. But with the shortness between your neck and chest, you might find that overwhelming.


    I don’t know why those links aren’t live. I guess you can copy/paste.

    I hope this helps. The Amerimark one is the lacey bra.

    • Belinda Boyles wrote on :

      Wow, thanks for the help. I took a look at both of them but they still have the age-old problem, they are about 3″ deep in the front area and that will ride up and live around my neck! I’m still hoping to find something that looks like a front-close bra would for someone about 36″ around, with no ‘depth’ in the front, and preferably underwire to give me some support. I’ve tried all sorts of things, from buying smaller sizes and enlarging them in back (which erodes the support and makes the straps fit wrong) to buying a plus size bra and then attempting to make the front less ‘deep’, but nothing has worked. I wish there was a website where we could ‘design’ our own bra styles and have something made ‘to spec’ because I fear I will just go on looking forever in vain.

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