I lost my job! I’m 59, live alone, and need to be employed! Looking for advice, help with the job search, etc. Thanks!

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  1. susanz wrote on :

    I completely agree with everything that avenue has said but would add one more thing. I recently read an article about being unemployed and the one thing they stressed was to stay busy and involved even though you may not be paid. Take it one step further than volunteering – learn something new and/or something that is currently “popular” that perhaps you do not know. For instance, if your jobs, in the past, did not require you to be tech saavy, take a course about the computer and all that it offers in todays workplace. Learn all about social media and how to use it as this is important in all areas. If you know the area/company/type of workplace you’d like to work, learn as much about that as you can. Everything they want and need should be on your bucket list. 59 IS young and you have lots of wonderful, productive and exciting years ahead. Remember – you are WOMAN and you ROAR!

  2. vvassil wrote on :

    Consider the real estate industry. In addition to selling houses, there are the mortgage and title fields that support real estate sales. There are many entry-level jobs that can quickly lead you up the ladder. As this industry rebounds, many companies have difficulty finding experienced people and are willing to train a good worker who shows interest in learning and working long hours as needed.
    I learned from my mother’s nursing home stay that the health care field includes all sorts of administrative jobs too. Another good prospect. Good luck!

  3. Kim Barnes wrote on :

    Not sure if you’d be interested in what I do but I’d like to find a few great women! I have a business wardrobing professional men, not in a retail store but by appointment. I work my own hours and love what I do! Most men don’t like to shop and want our direction. Training is provided as well as coaching. Happy to share more! KB

  4. susan.badertscher wrote on :

    Sorry to hear about your job loss. Sure it is very hard for you. There is the right thing for you out there for you. I too lost a job when I needed time off after a death in our family. That is when I decided to take more control of my life and future. I started a home based business and am enjoying it very much and the freedom that comes with it. This is the business I am with and enjoy it very much because I am helping other people, you can have a quick look if you go to http://www.funwrapparty.com I understand if you have questions. Let me know what additional questions you have and other info you would like. I wish you all the best. If you feel being in business for yourself is for you, I am here to help you get started 100% of the way. Susan

  5. Ivy Pittman wrote on :

    I am somewhat in the same boat. I’m 54 and have been out of full-time employment for over 3 years. In the interim I have had to recreate myself so to speak. The novel I have been writing off and on became a priority, which I finally finished this week. I also started a small business helping people moving to small places and how to declutter while making it look beautiful. It is beginning to take off. While I am not making the money I used to make it does give me a better felling about my self and my gifts. I would encourage you to look at your talents and something you are passionate about and begin to build on it. You are going to be surprised at what you discover. All the best!

  6. Nancy Goodman wrote on :

    My job is ending in February (it is moving to the other side of the country) and I have been going to “info meetings”. Contact a company owner or manager in the field you want to work in and ask if you can have some of their time to ask questions. Then ask about what skills are needed, company culture, how does your resume (and/or web site) stack up compared to others, etc. All you are asking for is info, not a job, so the replys are honest and candid. You then act on the suggestions given as well as asking if this person can recommend you to anyone else.
    I have gotten a lot of valuable information about what skills every employer in my field wants as well as how to improve my website. I’ve also gotten much needed props on my long-time experience which I now know how to portray in a more favorable manner. In addition I was referred to several people that can help me in my search.
    You should also look for jobs on Linked-in. There are ALOT of listings and networking opportunities. And Linked-in is necessary to be on now…many employers will look for your presence there.

  7. MaryBenson wrote on :

    My approach is similar to avenuej and Chatty Cathy in that I have found many jobs by telling everyone I know I am looking. Especially if you were to focus on people you know who know a lot of people (they are likely to hear of vacancies coming up), this can really work.

    My other approach is to be more targeted and say to myself, “What business do I want to be working for?” and then finding out everything I can about that business, and seeing what I can offer them and trying to get an “informational interview” (this gets you in the door when they have no vacancies per se). I have seen positions get created when someone comes in with a “Here is how I can help” rather than a “I need this job” (even though that is also true–it is a difference in attitude).

    Free lancing until you find something is another potential option–what are your job skills? Can you join elance.com or odesk.com and then bid on jobs? This is short-term, but can help tide you over. And you probably know that temp jobs can have a way of turning into full time gigs–do you have any temp agencies in your area?

    Tell me more about your job background, skills, and interests–I have other ideas but don’t know enough about you. Mary

  8. Chatty Cathy wrote on :

    I’m sure this is a scary time for you. As many have told you and guided you –networking is a big part of your job search. Tell all your friends you need a job and share your likes and dislikes about your last job. You know this may be a time to do some soul searching and see if it is possible to change careers and try something different. With your years of experience you are marketable and many will see the quality you can bring to the job –so think outside the box. I find sites like indeed.com to be helpful –GOOD LUCK!

  9. avenuej wrote on :

    I am assuming you have already worked through Linked In and provided your resume to those entities that fit your skills. Your job now is to look for a job so everyday you need to call at least five people you know and listen to what they have to say. They will lead to others. I don’t know where you live but if you have specific interests and talents start volunteering. In addition to doing good you may meet other people who will provide the contacts and information you need for your job search. Don’t rule anything out. 59 is young and you have an opportunity to understand yourself and what you want to do with your life. Keep a journal, exercise, stay connected to people and don’t despair.

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